What to sow and grow in June

Group of colourful Zinnia flowers

With days at their longest, get sowing and growing in the month of June.
Image: Zinnia haageana 'Aztec Sunset Improved' from Thompson & Morgan

There’s plenty of jobs to keep you busy in the garden in June, but also plenty to sit back and enjoy! With the longest day bringing extra hours of warmth and sunshine, and you can start planting in earnest.

Here are our top picks of seasonal things to sow and grow in the garden this month:

Flowers to sow and grow

Sunflower 'Russian Giant' from Thompson & Morgan

Entertain your little ones by growing the tallest sunflower, like 'Russian Giant' this summer.
Image: Pat Brindley

In the greenhouse/indoors

Direct sow outdoors

  • It's not too late to direct sow calendula, Candytuft 'Dwarf Fairyland Mixed', clarkia (Godetia), larkspur and limnanthes for a show of flowers later this summer.
  • Nasturtiums are easy to grow in containers or direct sowings, and quick to flower — use them in beds, containers, baskets, and the vegetable plot.
  • Scatter nigella seeds in your borders now for some striking blue late-summer flowers.
  • Grow the tallest sunflower from direct sowings — great fun for the kids!

Plant outdoors

Herbs & vegetables to sow and grow

Swiss Chard 'Bright Lights' from Thompson & Morgan

For a bright addition to your vegetable beds, plant Swiss Chard.
Image: Swiss Chard 'Bright Lights' from Thompson & Morgan

In the greenhouse / indoors

Direct sow outdoors

  • There’s still time to grow runner beans and french beans — sow them directly in the ground now.
  • Sow beetroot thinly, directly into the ground.
  • Sow broccoli and calabrese now in a nursery bed, for transplanting later on, or sow directly in your vegetable plot.
  • Direct sow carrots in rows and protect with fleece to prevent carrot fly attack.
  • Add colour to your stir-fries with Radicchio 'Rossa di Treviso precoce' (chicory). Seeds can be sown directly into the soil now.
  • Sow fast-growing herb seeds such as coriander ‘Calypso’, dill and parsley ‘Lisette’ directly into the ground or in containers indoors.
  • Try direct sowing hardy corn salad (Lamb's Lettuce ‘Favor’) for summer and winter salads.
  • Sow courgette and squash seeds in pots or directly outside now.
  • Think ahead to winter cropping and start kale seeds in a nursery bed now.
  • For something more unusual try sowing kohl rabi 'Kolibri' F1 Hybrid where you want it to grow — it’ll be ready in as little as 8 weeks after sowing.
  • Try direct sowing nutritious Pak Choi 'Green' F1 Hybrid every 3 weeks for a continuous crop.
  • Sow pea seeds directly into the ground or start them off in modules if mice are a problem. Allow about 20 plants per person.
  • Sow radish seeds directly into the soil for quick and easy home-grown salads.
  • Salad leaves are one of the fastest and most productive crops you can grow — sow seeds in module trays under glass for transplanting in the garden later. Alternatively sow direct outside and thin out the seedlings. Sow every 3 or 4 weeks for continuous harvesting.
  • Direct sow spinach seeds in soil enriched with plenty of organic matter. Try growing Spinach 'Perpetual' if you have very dry soil.
  • Sow spring onion seeds in drills outdoors for a quick crop to add to salads and stir fries.
  • Sow swede seeds outdoors in a rich fertile soil for autumn and winter crops.
  • Sow sweetcorn seeds directly outside or start them off in modules. Grow at least 12 plants for good pollination and cropping.
  • Swiss Chard can be direct sown now for a colourful addition to both borders and the vegetable plot.
  • Start to sow turnip 'Sweetbell' F1 Hybrid in drills outdoors for a great addition to casseroles and stews.

Plant outdoors

Pumpkin 'Wee Be Little' from Thompson & Morgan

June's the time to plant pumpkins & squash outdoors.
Image: Pumpkin 'Wee Be Little' from Thompson & Morgan

  • Plant out sprouting broccoli spacing the plants 60cm apart. Calabrese plants can be spaced closer together at 30cm (1ft) apart.
  • Plant your Brussels sprout plants deeply in the soil and earth them up as they grow for stability.
  • Plant out summer cabbages about 35cm (14in) apart.
  • Plant out cauliflowers into moist soil, and be sure not to allow the soil to dry out during growth.
  • Plant out pepper plants into grow-bags in a sheltered, sunny position.
  • Plant out kale plants allowing them plenty of space to grow — space 75cm (30in) apart for the tall varieties. Try kale ‘Redbor’ for deep purple leaves.
  • Plant out leeks by dibbing a hole 15cm (6in) deep, dropping the leek inside and filling the hole with water. There’s no need to refill the hole with soil — this method will ensure a good blanch on the stems.
  • Plant out celery in blocks to increase natural blanching of the stems.
  • Plant out celeriac into fertile soil - try celeriac ‘Monarch’ for creamy roots.
  • Plant out cucumbers in the greenhouse or in grow bags outdoors in a sheltered, sunny position.
  • Plant out squashes and pumpkins into rich, fertile soil — they are heavy feeders!
  • Plant out your tomato plants in a warm and sunny location for the best crops. For more information about growing tomatoes, visit our hub page.
  • 'Charlotte' and 'Maris Peer' potatoes can be planted from mid June to late July. These are best planted into our 40 litre patio bags, 5 tubers per bag. No chitting is necessary as the warmth of the compost and the summer temperatures will quickly entice growth.

Fruit to sow and grow

Strawberry 'Florence' (Late Season) from Thompson & Morgan

Order your strawberry plants now for a delicious crop in just 8 weeks.
Image: Strawberry 'Florence' (Late Season) from Thompson & Morgan

Keep one step ahead - what to order this month

Salad ‘Good Life Mix’ from T&M

Order salad seeds this month to make sure you have a continuous crop
Image: Salad 'Good Life Mix' from Thompson & Morgan

  • Order perpetual spinach seeds to make repeat sowings next month for a constant crop through late summer and early autumn.
  • If you haven’t already, order summer bedding plug plants like begonias and geraniums. Use them to fill gaps in the border or plant up decorative containers.
  • Stock up on mixed salad leaf seeds to sow for a quick crop of fresh salad. 
  • Stock up on vegetable plants to fill gaps out in the vegetable patch. Try planting herb plants, autumn salads and pea and bean plants.
  • Order bedding seeds to sow now for flowers in spring. Bellis, wallflowers and pansies can be overwintered in a cool sheltered spot.

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