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Weigela FAQs

Weigela is a delightful shrub that showcases its prolific tubular blooms in May and June, welcoming summer into the garden. This is a fairly easy shrub to grow in the garden, however it’s important to prune at the right time to make sure you see plenty of flowers. Cut straight after flowering in the summer. We narrow down some of our favourite weigela for patio containers, fantastic foliage and more below.

Best weigela for eye-catching foliage

Some weigela have variegated foliage that lengthen its period of interest outside of flowering. Weigela ‘Ebony and Ivory’ has deep green foliage so dark it’s almost purple with bright white blooms. The variegated weigela come in shades of buttery cream, white and lime green and make excellent back of the border or boundary shrubs to draw the eye.

Compact weigela for containers

Dwarf Weigela make magnificent container shrubs. The red flowers of ‘Arabian Nights’ and ‘Nain Rouge’ look fabulous highlighting the patio on stems below 90cm. For delicate variegated foliage, go for ‘Nana Variegata', this is a great option for small gardens because of its compact habit that won’t mature beyond 1.5m.

Are weigela deciduous?

Weigela are deciduous shrubs meaning they sprout new foliage every spring. Pair your deciduous weigela with evergreen shrubs in borders to provide interest and cover in the garden throughout the year. Find the right evergreen shrub in our top ten.

Is weigela toxic for cats and dogs?

Weigela is not toxic for cats and dogs. It’s a fantastic choice for a pet-friendly planting scheme.

Are weigela flowers scented?

Yes, weigela flowers have a delicate, sweet scent. Enjoy the scented blooms from May to June from patio containers or in the garden.

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