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Indoor foliage plants

Indoor foliage plants provide that lush green rainforest look. There’s much more than just green however with exciting purples, unusual variation and all sorts of amazing leaf shapes. To help you narrow down which foliage plant is best for which spot in the house, we answer some FAQ’s below.

Which foliage house plants like full sun?

For a spot in full sun, choose a foliage house plant that won’t scorch or wither in the heat. Sansevieria trifasciata var. laurentii is a nearly indestructible houseplant. It doesn’t mind the occasional missed watering and tolerates a range of light levels whilst drawing toxins out of the air. For more information on where to place your indoor plants read our houseplants lighting guide.

Does your bright sunny spot have high humidity? You have the perfect spot for an alocasia zebrina. This tricky houseplant is absolutely worth the careful attention it likes. The zebra striped stems and large tropical leaves will certainly impress plant loving visitors.

Which indoor foliage plants like shade?

Some splendid indoor foliage plants do well in shade. Begonias are a large and varied group that are tolerant of a shaded spot and actually do better away from hot sunlight. A striking silver standout is 'Emerald Giant' with large spiralled leaves in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Monstera deliciosa is a classic shade loving house plant. These understory plants are used to living in cool dappled shade from the canopy overhead in their native habitats. Plant your monstera in a large pot in a north facing room and enjoy watching the delicate young leaves as they unfurl.

Best leafy indoor plant for pets

The best type of leafy indoor plant for a pet friendly household is non toxic. Left alone a curious pet may nibble your houseplant so it’s best to play it safe. Maranta leuconeura 'Fascinator' delights the eye with pink leaf rib details. Also known as the ‘prayer plant’ because the leaves delicately close up at night.

Colourful leafy house plants

There’s a whole spectrum of colour to enjoy all year round from your leafy house plants. Peperomia caperata 'Rosso' has bright red under leaves which rise up to show off the stunning bright colour. Another source of bright red colour in leafy fireworks is begonia 'Merry Maker'. The begonias are a great place to find colourful foliage in spirals, swirls and dots covering leaves and stems.

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