On this page you’ll find everything you need to grow a wide range of tasty salad crops, from cucumbers and edible flowers to classic leaves. Grow your own salad crop in winter too for a quick and easy way to jazz up sandwiches or complement a steak. Don’t have a veg plot? See our colourful salad suggestions for a quick and unusual way to plug gaps in flower borders and window boxes.

If you’re keen to get started, choose from our huge range of salad seeds. Whether you want fast growing lettuce or a spicy oriental leaf mix, there’s something for everyone. Find cucumber, colourful radishes and herb seeds too. If you’re short of space, order from our range of salad plants — simply pot up your plugs as soon as they hit your doorstep.

Follow our simple sowing guide for beetroot, spring onions, radish, and more for an economical way to get more green on your plate!

Your windowsill is the perfect place to grow leaves and this video shows you the best way to use an indoor growing kit. Fresh salad - no garden required.

Keep growing lettuce and salad leaves all through the winter with this helpful advice. Whether you have a windowsill or a greenhouse, don't miss our top tips.

Kids love quick results so salad is always a winner. Download this child-friendly guide filled with fun facts, nutrition info and advice on which varieties to sow.

If you’re looking for drama on a plate, this list of salads, roots and edible flowers is the place to start. Here’s how to ignite your garden with eye-catching ornamental edibles.

There’s more to salad than lettuce! These tasty and unusual alternatives will electrify your plate and bring a new energy to summer mealtimes.

Is lettuce the perfect salad leaf for you? Follow this guide to growing all year round lettuce, including indoor and outdoor varieties to try.

If you want a quick crop for containers, window boxes or garden beds see our list of the best radishes to grow for colour, heritage and flavour. Find out which grow best in winter too.

Home grown cucumbers are a world apart. This excellent guide will get you up to speed on sowing, growing and harvesting these delicious fruits.

See how this experienced smallholder and garden blogger sets up her salad patch. Think wasabi rocket for Thai salads and other tantalising ideas.

Who said winter is reserved for cabbage and brassicas? Here’s how to grow fresh salad crops throughout the colder months too.

Find our full range of salad seeds here. From low-growing herbs and leaves to cucumber vines, you’ll find everything you need to get your salad bed off to a strong start.

If you're short on time or space, buying salad plug plants will give you a great head start. Try our vigorous F1 hybrids and grafted plants for fuss-free salad growing.

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