Carrots & parsnips

Here’s everything you need to grow your own carrots and parsnips. Find out how to grow your own sweet and silky parsnips from seed, and pick up top tips on how to store root vegetables for the months ahead. Want to harvest healthy crudites all year round? Our helpful guide to growing carrots includes a short video tutorial too.

If you’re ready to get growing, browse our full range of carrot and parsnip seeds now. Parsnip seeds don’t store well, so don’t waste time sowing old seeds that are past their best.

Parsnips are one of the easiest crops to grow from seed and taste even sweeter after exposure to frost! For more sowing and growing tips, read the full article now.

From direct sowing carrot seeds so as not to disturb the roots through to buying new parsnip seeds every year, these expert bloggers have you covered.

Carrot seeds can be sown from early spring through to late August and harvested almost all year round. Follow our simple guide to growing carrots and watch our video tutorial here.

Traditionally, carrots were purple, red, white or yellow, rather than orange. Check out our top six suggestions chosen for their unique colours, flavours or resistance to pests.

Carrots are the perfect veg to get kids into gardening. Download these child-friendly instructions to help little ones grow their own crunchy and delicious crop.

Read this post to learn which companion plants could help keep your carrots and other crops strong and healthy. Want a natural deterrent for carrot fly? Try sowing spring onions.

Fresh, raw carrots are especially good for you, losing none of their goodness though storage or cooking. Follow this simple salad recipe to bring crunch and colour to your next meal.

Did you know that parsnips were grown by the Ancient Greeks? Naturally sweet, these fibre-rich parsnip scones make an excellent addition to school lunch boxes.

A carrot and saffron soup from Crofters Cottage is just one of the delicious root vegetable recipes featured in this post. Click through for more warming soups to soothe the soul.

Stock up on carrot and parsnip seeds here. Choose from varieties resistant to carrot fly, seeds suitable for container growing, or those with an RHS Award of Garden Merit.

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