Hydrangeas – more info

With their fabulous late summer colour and long-lasting flowers, hydrangeas are great value shrubs. They can be grown in difficult spots, such as shade, and are ideal in the dappled light under trees. There are also varieties suitable for growing in a pot.

If you don’t have acid soil and want a blue hydrangea, you can feed it with hydrangea colourant or another product that adds aluminium sulphate to the soil, or put one in a container filled with ericaceous compost.

What’s the best type of soil for hydrangeas?

Hydrangeas prefer fertile, moist but well-drained soil and you will need acid soil to stop blue flowers turning pink. Some varieties are more tolerant of lighter soils and all will benefit from a good mulch of organic matter in spring.

Should I put my hydrangeas in shade or sunshine?

Hydrangeas are best grown in light shade although they will tolerate full sun as long as the ground doesn’t dry out.

Can I grow hydrangeas in a pot?

There are compact varieties such as ‘Little Lime’ or ‘Bobo’ that are ideal for growing in a pot to brighten up your patio. Just remember to water them regularly.

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