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Poppy seed FAQS

Order your poppy seeds from Thompson & Morgan and grow a diverse collection of colourful and elegant blooms. These distinctive flowers are easy to grow from seed and you can choose from annual, biennial and perennial varieties. Read our article on how to grow poppies if you want to fill your outside space with these popular flowers. If you’re rewilding a patch of garden or taking a less formal approach to borders, poppies are just one of the top ten wildflowers that our horticultural team recommends.

When to sow poppy seeds in the UK

You can sow your poppy seeds in the spring or early autumn, according to the specific packet instructions. Spring sowing between March and May results in summer blooms, but you might have to wait until the following summer for a really healthy display. Autumn sowing, from September to October, gives you flowers the following spring and you’re likely to get more flowers in your first season. Ensure the soil is well-prepared and weed-free before you begin.

How long do poppies take to grow from seed?

Poppies can germinate relatively quickly, usually within 10-14 days. However, the time it takes for them to reach full bloom depends on various factors, including the specific poppy variety, growing conditions, and climate. On average, it takes about 8-12 weeks from sowing to full bloom.

How to grow poppies from seed

Prepare a well-drained, sunny spot in your garden. Sow the seeds thinly and cover lightly with soil. Water gently, and keep the soil consistently moist until the seedlings establish. Once they reach a suitable size, thin them to the recommended spacing to ensure healthy growth. Our poppy masterclass is packed with helpful expert tips to help you succeed.

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