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Begonias advice

Begonia plants are a versatile garden flower. Whether you’re planting your begonias in an annual bedding display, using them to improve a shaded corner or to cascade from a hanging basket, their scent, colourful flowers and easy growth habit are a real boon. Find useful care tips in our begonia care guide or quickly browse the answers to common begonia questions below.

Are begonia flowers scented?

Yes, begonia flowers are scented! An excellent fragrant range for hanging baskets and elevated boxes are the ‘Fragrant Falls Improved’ in either lemon or apricot shades. These tumbling blooms have a superb fragrance that develops through the day and stays strong in rainy weather.

Longest flowering begonias

For fantastic staying power opt for a tuberous begonia. An excellent example is begonia x tuberhybrida 'Apricot Shades Improved' F1 Hybrid, which produces tumbling blooms from June all the way through to the first frosts. This is surely the best begonia for a trailing summer hanging basket.

Double bloomed begonia plants

Find double and full ruffled blooms with the tuberous begonias. These flowers are large and eye-catching. For delicate winks of colour, try the traditional begonia semperflorens. These little blooms are open, displaying yellow centres and wide petals.

Indoor begonia plants for air purification

The best begonias to grow indoors are the fabulously leafy and gloriously spotted begonia maculata along with the spiral patterned leafy begonias. These fantastic houseplants purify the air as they grow. Give their pot soil a refresh every now and then. Also make sure to clean their leaves, keeping them dust free for the best photosynthesis rates.

Begonia plants for shade

Begonias are such versatile bedding plants, performing well in shaded spots in the garden just as much as they do in full sun. If you have a shady spot then choose a tuberous begonia.

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