If you want to incorporate grasses into your garden for all year round interest, you’ve come to the right place. Read our expert article on how to use grasses to give your garden shape and form and discover the best grasses for sunny and dry conditions if you’re planning a drought-tolerant border.

Looking for more inspiration? Why not scroll through our full range of grass plants to see the huge variety of shapes, colours and forms on offer. Whether you want a screen of magnificent Miscanthus, an architectural Phormium or a prairie style scheme of Pennisetums, we have a grass for every type of garden.

Ornamental grasses have a multitude of uses, from softening borders to creating screens. Check out our top 10 varieties - whether you’re looking for structural foliage or eye-catching flowers, there’s no shortage of inspiration here.

A well thought out border can transform a garden, bringing colour and structure to your outside spaces. Professional garden designer Nic Wilson talks us through her favourite grasses and how to use them to bring your borders to life.

Beautiful blooms are all well and good – but grasses are indispensable for colour, texture and definition across the seasons. Landscape gardener Phillippa Lambert shares her tips for creating an intriguing blend of harmony and contrast in the garden.

Evergreen grasses thrive in the UK climate, providing a beautiful backdrop for summer flowers and adding interest to your winter garden. Overwhelmed by all the varieties available? Find out which five grasses we specifically recommend for winter.

There are plenty of ways to keep your garden looking lively through winter. Ornamental grasses are just one of several options you can choose to maintain colour and structure. For more ideas, read on!

We asked our favourite UK garden designers for their top tips on creating dramatic impact in the garden. While lighting, sculpture and topiary can all play a part, grasses are a popular way to give your garden the wow-factor. Read on for expert advice.

There are lots of plants that thrive in a hot, dry environment. If your garden is a bit of a suntrap, check out our recommendations for varieties that prefer to be planted in full sun including grasses, climbers, flowers and herbs.

Choose plants that tolerate hot, dry conditions and you’ll be rewarded with a healthy, low-maintenance garden. Read on for our top tips on the best grasses, shrubs and flowers to help you drought-proof your outside space.

Every garden has an area – too exposed, dry, shady or waterlogged – that presents a challenge. We asked Carol Bartlett of The Sunday Gardener to share her secrets and recommend the best grasses, flowers and shrubs for tough spots.

Professional garden designer Nic Wilson knows how to make gardens look beautiful in all seasons. Read on to see how she pairs various grasses with late-flowering rudbeckia to keep her garden looking glorious well into autumn.

Choose from our outstanding selection of grasses to bring structure to your garden. Providing a feast for the senses, grasses add colour, texture, scent and even sound to your outside space.

Chosen by our horticultural team, this carefully curated collection of miscanthus, molinia and pennisetum is a quick and easy way to get instant impact in your garden. Ideal for late summer interest and sensory schemes.

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