Here’s everything you need to know about growing petunias, whether you’re looking for tips on planting the best hanging baskets or you want to add dashes of vivid colour to your borders. Read up on the fascinating history of the petunia to find out how this ‘worthless tobacco’ blossomed into one of our favourite flowers. And if you want to know how to get the most out of your petunias, we’ve got you covered.

Buying petunias? Choose from a wide range of petunia seeds or browse our petunia plants to find traditional favourites as well as unique new cultivars.

We’ve searched the internet to bring together the best petunia articles, how-to videos and Instagram posts to help you successfully grow these colourful blooms.

Sow petunia seeds about 12 weeks before the date that you expect your last frost. These practical sowing tips will benefit avid seed growers and beginners alike.

If you want to grow this popular bedding plant from seed, here’s a helpful list of multiflora and grandiflora varieties to get you started.

Want to supercharge the size of your petunias and increase the number of flowers? Check out these feeding tips and see the results for yourself in our short video.

Perfect for botanical enthusiasts, the history of the genus petunia is fascinating. Alternatively demonised and prized, petunias have come a long way since the 16th century.

Read this expert guide to maximise the flowering performance of your petunias. Whether in containers, baskets or borders, these easy tips will make sure your petunias excel.

Looking for a perfect pairing? See how this plant blogger plants purple petunias with sweet peas for a vibrant colour combination in the border.

Get the best from your petunia blooms with our comphrensive cultural instructions. This growing guide covers planting petunias in the garden, growing in containers, propagation & much more.

Try your hand at sowing seeds for a cheap and easy way to grow plants for summer containers. Check out our exclusive varieties of petunia seed for inspiration.

Explore our full range of petunia plants including brand new releases and trusty favourites. Combine unusual colours and forms to make your summer displays unique.

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