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Pre-planted hanging baskets – more info

A pre-planted hanging basket is exactly what it says. Arriving fully planted with your chosen theme or favourite plant, your basket is ready to hang on a sturdy hook right on arrival. It’s best to water when it’s hanging so you don’t have all that extra water weight to lift above your head. Whether you’ve chosen a cascade of trailing fuchsias, a sea of large begonia blooms, or a mix of summer bedding favourites, this is the easiest way to introduce hassle-free colour to your garden.

Which plants are in T&M’s pre-planted hanging baskets?

T&M include all our most popular bedding plants in the range of pre-planted hanging baskets. Big, bold double trailing fuchsia blooms, non-stop double begonia flowers and tastefully curated mixes are all available in our pre-planted range. There are so many colours and themes to choose from.

Do I need to give hanging baskets plant food?

When you plant your own hanging basket, it’s a good idea to include a generous handful of slow release fertiliser. The granules gradually release food keeping your plants fed as they develop. Always use a good quality, peat-free multi purpose compost to plant your basket. Pre-planted hanging baskets from Thompson & Morgan are ready to hang; all you need to do is add water.

Which hanging basket plants do better in shady spots?

Begonia plants are a good choice to fill a hanging basket in a shady spot. These bedding plants tolerate a wide range of light conditions. Fuchsias tolerate partial shade and prefer to have cool roots.

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