Here’s everything you need to successfully grow your own rhubarb at home or on an allotment - why not browse our wide range of rhubarb crowns and plants and choose your favourite? If you’re not sure how to grow it, check out our rhubarb masterclass for a wealth of independent, expert advice.

Rhubarb is a hardy perennial that’s easy to grow and very versatile. Popular in pies and crumbles, it’s also a welcome addition to summer cocktails. Grown a glut? No problem - check out our excellent chutney recipes or try making jam.

Hardy rhubarb is easy to grow, versatile and delicious, returning year after year to be transformed into crumbles, jams and even cocktails. Here’s everything you need to know to grow the best rhubarb at home.

Forced rhubarb is an early spring treat that provides you with sweet-tasting crops, perfect for crumble or compote. Here's how to force rhubarb, with a quick look at some of the best early varieties to try.

We’ve gathered the best advice from our favourite gardening bloggers to help you grow your own rhubarb. Filled with planting and harvesting tips, check out our masterclass and learn how to make the most of this versatile vegetable.

Don’t despair if the unpredictable British climate puts a crimp on your planting out plans. Here’s how to keep your rhubarb crowns, bare root shrubs and plug plants in good condition until the weather improves.

What can you do with a glut of homegrown produce? Chutney is a great way to cut down on food waste and preserve fruits and vegetables for months to come. For something a bit unusual, try this sensational, slow cooker rhubarb chutney, amongst others.

From elderflower cordial to rhubarb cocktails, our favourite green-fingered bloggers know how to turn bumper harvests into garden-fresh summer drinks. Including alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, the rhubarb vodka martini is great for parties.

Guest blogger Richard Mulcahy took on a slightly shady allotment plot, but found that easy-growing rhubarb thrived. Check out his common sense guide to growing rhubarb and other plants in the shade.

Choose from our wide range of rhubarb crowns and potted plants. From the vivid red of ‘Fulton’s Strawberry Surprise’ to the heavy-cropping ‘Victoria’, there’s something for everyone here!

If you want to try growing rhubarb from seed, sow Rhubarb 'Glaskin's Perpetual' seeds for reliable crops of juicy stems year after year. This easy-to-grow variety requires an extra year until it’s ready to harvest, but it’s worth the extra wait.

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