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Tulip bulbs - more info

Our collection of high quality tulip bulbs includes a kaleidoscope of colours and varieties, perfect for adding a burst of springtime beauty to your garden. Whether you want to plant tulips in patio containers, add them to borders or naturalise the bulbs in your lawn, there’s something to suit every garden. From impressive ‘giants’ to shorter ground-cover mixes, simply order your favourites from our website and have your bulbs delivered directly to your doorstep. Want to know which tulips our experts love best? Read our article for the insider’s guide.

When to plant tulip bulbs in the UK

Don’t be tempted to plant your tulip bulbs too early. Ideally you should wait until the soil has cooled down in October or November. Your bulbs will then burst into bloom in mid-to late spring, beautifully bridging the gap between early daffodils and the first summer-flowering perennials. Don’t worry if you miss this autumn planting window. Provided the ground isn’t frozen, you can still plant your tulip bulbs through December and January as well. Read our article on when to plant tulips for specific information.

How to plant tulip bulbs

To successfully plant tulips, choose a well-drained spot in full or partial sunlight and dig holes to a depth of 3 times the bulb's height. Place the bulbs in the hole with the pointed end up and cover with soil. Water thoroughly after planting. Find more tips on how to grow bulbs over at our blog.

How to store tulip bulbs

After your tulips have finished flowering, let the foliage die back naturally. Then, carefully lift the bulbs, clean off any excess soil, and store in a cool, dry place until the next planting season. Proper storage ensures healthy and vigorous blooms year after year.

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