Find everything you need to know about growing dahlias here. Whether you want to learn how to grow dahlias from seed, or you’re looking for advice on lifting and overwintering your favourite dahlia tubers, we’ve got you covered. Ideal for beds, borders, containers, window boxes and vases, it’s no surprise that these flowers are one of the nation’s favourites!

Dahlias are relatively easy to grow and wonderfully varied. Take a tour through our wide range of dahlia seeds when you’re ready to fill your garden with bright colours and intricate shapes. Alternatively, stock up on dahlia tubers and enjoy a long seasonal display of these dramatically drought-tolerant blooms.

Learn how to grow your own dahlias from seeds, tubers or plug plants here. This helpful article also explains when and where to plant them out, along with overwintering advice.

Ask the experts! From growing dahlias in pots to deterring pests, our favourite independent bloggers share their tried-and-tested dahlia-growing wisdom here.

Growing dahlias from seed is a cost-effective way to produce large numbers of magnificent blooms. This guide shares tips and techniques to give you showstopping results.

T&M’s Sue Sanderson is a huge fan of Anglesey Abbey’s Dahlia Festival in Cambridgeshire. Find out why it’s so special and see her own homegrown homage here.

What do dahlias, apples and grapes have in common? Read on for some autumnal garden maintenance advice.

Dahlias are firmly back in fashion, brightening up borders and vases alike. Here’s how to care for your favourite dahlias throughout the year.

In late summer, dahlias are often the final flowers keeping your garden looking bright and inviting. Here are some of Nic Wilson’s all-time favourites.

Dahlia tubers are really easy to grow. Browse our extensive range for an amazing array of semi-double, water-lily, cactus-style and round architectural shapes.

See our wide choice of dahlia seeds here. Includes dwarf varieties, specially curated mixes and striking single varieties.

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