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Raspberry plants – more info

Easy to grow and straightforward to freeze, raspberries are the perfect perennial fruit to grow, and with a bit of care will last for many years. Choose a few different varieties and you can have fresh fruit from mid-summer to autumn with both red and yellow varieties available.

Which raspberry plant to buy

You can choose from two main types of raspberries – summer or autumn fruiting varieties. Summer raspberries will need support with varieties fruiting between June and August. Canes that have fruited that year should be cut out in autumn to allow space for new fruiting canes.

Autumn raspberries fruit from August to October and should be cut to the ground in late winter.

What should I plant with raspberries?

Raspberries are shallow-rooted so take care if planting around them. Plants that attract pollinators, such as poached egg plant(Limnanthes douglasii) can be beneficial.

Can I grow raspberries in pots?

Yes, providing you have a container that’s big enough – at least 60cm in diameter – which is big enough for six plants. You will need to make sure they are regularly fed and watered.

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