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Spring flowering bulbs

Here’s everything you need to plant up show-stopping displays of spring flowering bulbs. Not sure which varieties to choose? Take a look at our horticultural team’s top ten favourite spring flowering bulbs for inspiration.

Visit our flower bulbs shop to order a selection of your favourite tulips, daffodils, crocus and more. And when your bulbs arrive in the post, head over to our guide to growing bulbs for expert planting and care tips. There’s no better way to welcome the spring!

If you’re not sure which bulbs to plant in your garden, see our top ten favourites for height, scent and colour as winter turns to spring.

Discover the best independent, hyacinth content from expert online growers. Indoor hyacinth forcing tips and detailed growing advice will make you eager to try their tips.

Find out when to plant, and how deep to bury your bulbs here. Read up on the best soil to use, along with essential growing tips to get the most out of your bulbs.

Watch this step-by-step video to find out what to do with your bulbs when they arrive. See how to plant bulbs in containers and find out what to do if conditions aren’t quite right.

Get the most from your bulbs, corms, tubers and bare roots with our comphrensive cultural instructions. This growing guide covers planting, maintenance, planting 'in the green' & much more.

Is it too early to plant daffodils in August? Not according to Alan Titchmarsh! For new types to try and advice on when to get them in the ground, this is the article for you.

To learn more about hippeastrums (amaryllis), including how to get the most out of your bulb and how to care for the flowers, we’ve got you covered.

Tulip bulbs should never be planted earlier than October. For more top tips, including the varieties with the best scent, colour and flower size, start here.

This article tells you everything you need to know about ‘forcing’ hyacinth bulbs indoors to get them to flower early in time for Christmas. Outdoor planting is explained here too.

You don’t need a garden to enjoy spring bulb displays! Find out how to make a unique gift or simply brighten your own home by growing hyacinths in water.

Watch this short video guide as T&M’s horticultural expert, Sue Sanderson, shows you how to plant your snowdrop bulbs ‘in the green’.

Choose from our full range of crocus bulbs here. Plant a rich tapestry of jewel colours including pink and purple, or opt for sunny yellow through to the palest cream.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with our extensive range of daffodil bulbs. Order a variety of single and double headed blooms, dwarf types and unusual blush tones from our online shop.

Order your tulips here. You’ll find traditional favourites alongside unusual ruffled double blooms and fiery colours. Everything you need for cut flowers or filling borders.

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