Find everything you need to grow your own juicy raspberries here! Maybe you want to learn how to prune your autumn and summer fruiting raspberry plants to get the most from your canes? Or, why not find out how to safeguard your raspberry crop from feathery thieves with our easy suggestions for deterring birds.

Whether you want dwarf varieties for patio containers, or your fruit cage needs filling with full-sized canes, we’ve got a broad selection of new and heritage raspberry plants from which to choose. Opt for a mix of summer and autumn fruiting raspberries to extend your cropping period, and create eye-catching desserts with gold-coloured fruits.

Do you know the difference between a primocane and a floricane? Find out here, plus everything you need to know about growing raspberries in pots or the ground.

Summer and autumn fruiting raspberries are pruned differently. This article explains how to cut them back correctly, improving the size and quality of your crop.

Enter ‘Ruby Beauty’! At three feet tall, this thornless variety is ideal for growing in a small space. Find out more here.

Here's a great collection of expert content to help you grow delicious raspberries. Learn how to prune your established summer-fruiting varieties & discover top tips to improve your crop.

T&M horticulturalist Sue Sanderson and her little helper test whether this dwarf raspberry variety grows better in the ground or a pot.

If you want to fill your patio or balcony with soft fruit, here’s how to plant compact strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and cranberries alongside your raspberries.

Birds ruining your crop? Here are some of the best ways to keep your fruit safe from plundering pests.

Pick up some top tips and take a tour of this expert garden blogger’s fruit cage. If you want to kick-start your fruit growing, this is a great place to begin.

See our full range of raspberry plants including summer and autumn fruiting varieties. Buy new dwarf hybrids, along with all your classic favourites here.

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