Here’s everything you need to grow wildflowers. A colourful, low-maintenance and cost-effective way to make your garden buzz with life, we can help you find the best wildflowers for winter gardens or share tips for sowing a glorious summer meadow. And if you want to know how to grow a sea of poppies in your outside space, we’ve got you covered.

When you’re ready to get started, choose from our selection of wildflower seeds, including popular annuals, perennial wildflowers and special seed mixtures. Looking for instant impact? We also have a great selection of wildflower plants, including some of the most colourful and beautifully scented flowering plants for pollinators.

Find out which special wildflowers made our top ten, and why, before you settle on your final choice. There’s something for every location - damp, dry, sun and shade.

Discover the best independent, wildflower content from expert online growers. With advice on growing wildflowers in shady parts of the garden, and using wildflowers in the veg garden, our masterclass will make you eager to try out our experts' advice.

Winter wildflowers bring a flash of welcome colour to bare gardens through the coldest months. Here are five blooms to brighten boring grey days.

Want to incorporate wildflowers into a small, modern or manicured garden? Here are seven different ways to sow wildflower seeds, including ideas from some of our favourite bloggers.

Including helpful tips on how and when to sow poppies, as well as which variety to choose, read this article to successfully grow this iconic wildflower from seed.

Up and down the country, wildflower and hay meadows are being decimated by field slugs in search of their favourite foods. Here’s how to stop them devouring your wildflowers.

How many of the 215 plants documented by Edwardian artist and ecologist, Edith Holden, are still in gardens today? Read more about her fascinating life and legacy here.

Part of a neighbourhood scheme, Harry and Pat Cook created a wildflower meadow in the green belt around their home. Check out the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos for the full effect.

Whether you’re hunting for wild food or wildflowers, there’s plenty of hidden treasure in our countryside if you know where to look. Follow these wild-plant Instagrammers for inspiration.

A wildflower is anything that wasn’t intentionally seeded. Learn more about growing annual and perennial wildflowers in this helpful post.

Scatter wildflower seeds around small trees to provide pollen and ground cover for insects, bees and butterflies. Find more wildlife-friendly tips from the experts here.

See our wide range of native wildflower seeds including special mixes and premade seedballs here. Choose from colourful annual and perennial wildflower seeds.

Browse our excellent selection of bareroot, plug and garden-ready wildflower plants here. Includes a wide range of RHS approved plants for pollinators too.

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