Geraniums & Pelargoniums – more info

Hardy geraniums (cranesbills) and pelargoniums are staples of the summer flower border. Bright blooms, fragrant leaves and easy growth habit make these plants a welcome addition to borders, beds and patio containers. Hardy geraniums return year after year without any need for winter cold protection. It’s a good idea to protect your half-hardy pelargoniums during the winter months in an unheated greenhouse or conservatory to enjoy them as perennial plants. They’re worth the extra attention!

Are geraniums and pelargoniums good for bees?

Bees love hardy geranium flowers. Choose varieties with single blooms with an open centre to make it easy for these friendly pollinators to feed and visit your display. Geranium himalayense is a good hardy geranium to attract pollinators as is the popular award winner geranium ‘Rozanne’.

Pelargoniums are less attractive to bees. Again, choose open flowered types like the species pelargoniums to make it easier for bees to land on the flower. Bees avoid visiting tightly furled flowers and double blooms because it is hard to reach the centre of the flower.

Will geraniums and pelargoniums do well in shade?

Hardy geraniums grow well in shady conditions. Make sure you keep the soil well mulched to keep it moist to encourage healthy growth. The delicate pink geranium oxonianum 'Claridge Druce' does well in full shade. In partial shade, go for eye-catching geranium ‘Rozanne’. This stunning variety flowers through from June to October in its signature vibrant mauve.

Zonal pelargoniums, exemplified by the bright varieties geranium ‘Appleblossom Rosebud’, 'Best Red' F1 Hybrid and 'Flower Fairy White Splash' will flower well in light partial shade. However, as a rule pelargoniums are at their best in full sun.

Are geraniums and pelargoniums poisonous to dogs?

Hardy geraniums are non-toxic for pets so make a great dog-friendly garden plant. Fill beds and borders with these tough characters.

All parts of half-hardy pelargoniums are mildly toxic for dogs and should be grown out of reach of curious pooches. Use the filters at the top of this page to find the right ones for you. Try growing your favourite pelargoniums in a hanging basket where they can be admired by four legged family members from a safe distance. Order our pre-planted hanging basket geranium ‘Balcon Mix’ for easy installation and instant good results. Simply hang where you want an elevated, bright sizzle of summer colour!

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