Strawberries are the quintessential British summer fruit, and here you’ll find everything you need to grow your own bumper crops. Pick up helpful advice in our strawberry masterclass or read our bitesize guide on how to grow strawberries with kids to encourage the whole family to get involved.

If you’re ready to get planting, take a look at our exciting range of strawberry plants including ornamental types for the patio and everbearing varieties for heavy cropping in the garden. If you’re looking for something extra special, our exclusive strawberry ‘Just Add Cream’ produces pretty pink flowers and super sweet aromatic fruit — a breeding breakthrough!

Here’s a great collection of expert content to help you grow the best strawberries. Learn how to construct a raised bed from pallets and discover pearls of wisdom to improve your crop.

For practical advice about choosing the right varieties and tips on how to grow strawberries in the veg plot, hanging baskets, or containers, this is the perfect place to start.

Get your kids into gardening with this easy guide to growing strawberries. Print off the page and help them follow the simple instructions for growing their own favourite fruit.

Need inspiration for your strawberry glut? Kick-start your day with this super quick vegan strawberry smoothie recipe. A nutritious way to use up less than perfect fruit.

Strawberries thrive in containers and there are lots of climbing varieties that quickly cover a trellis. Use these clever ideas to help create a unique focal point for your patio.

Breeding programmes continually aim to improve our crops, and it took 8 years to develop this extra special strawberry. Find out more here.

Here are 10 easy-to-grow berries that will give you a healthy and colourful harvest all summer long. Plenty of inspiration even for small gardens and balconies.

Find out what to do with your early order of strawberry plug plants if the weather’s not ideal. Snow in March? Be patient! Spring really is just around the corner.

Choose from our full range of potted strawberry plants, or order as bare roots. Try ‘Snow White’ for white pineapple flavoured fruit and ‘Sweet Colossus’ for jumbo strawberries.

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