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Tomato seeds – more information

Tomato seeds are an allotmenteer's go-to. Quintessential in the greenhouse, trailing from pots, or even hanging baskets with the innovative dwarf trailing varieties from Thompson & Morgan. Looking to see how the experts do it? Check out our tomato masterclass featuring our favourite online tomato home growers. Whether you love sweet cherries for snacking, salad types to spruce up a homemade sandwich or rich Italian plum and beefsteaks for rich stews and sauces, you can find the right tomato seeds for you.

When to plant tomato seeds

Sow your tomato seeds undercover in spring. Make sure your greenhouse is frost free or sow on a warm windowsill or heated propagator in March and April. Larger fruits, namely the beefsteak tomato types, appreciate a longer growing season, so start these in February so that the huge tomatoes have all the time they need to ripen on the vine.

How to grow tomatoes from seed

Tomato seeds need plenty of moisture and warmth to germinate. Aim to keep them at around 21°C for the best results. They have a tendency to grow fast towards their light source, so keep rotating the pots and think about providing an artificial light if you're sowing as early as February or early March.

As soon as your tomato seedlings produce a couple of true leaves, move them into their own pots full of quality multi-purpose, peat-free compost. Pinch out any side shoots from the leaf junctures as they appear. Determinate tomatoes stop their rapid growth when they reach their final size however indeterminate varieties carry on growing, so it's a good idea to pinch out the growing tip when they reach a height you're happy with.

How long do tomato seeds take to germinate?

You should see your tomato seeds germinating around two weeks after sowing. It's essential to provide enough moisture so that the seeds can swell enough to germinate. Keep your seeds between 18°C and 25°C to ensure a good overall germination rate.

If you're sowing your tomato seeds outdoors, wait until all risk of frost has passed. Choose the sunniest spot you can to sow your seeds. Make sure to water them every day. The best varieties for outdoor sowing are cherry types. These small, juicy toms reliably ripen in the UK's summer weather.

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