Summer flowers

Here you can find all you need to know about growing summer flowers, along with our extensive range of hardy annual seeds and summer-flowering bulbs.

With so many flowers to choose from, our handy guides can help you select which plants to grow. Check out our top ten summer bedding plants to help you fill your garden with colour, or extend the flowering season with our top ten summer-flowering bulbs.

Looking for reliable, long-lasting and easy-to-grow bedding plants? Our top ten guide will point you towards the best blooms to brighten your garden this summer.

Expert gardener Sue Sanderson takes us through her top ten summer-flowering bulbs. Plant them in spring for brightly coloured displays through to autumn.

There are so many different poppies to grow, including rare and unusual blue varieties! For expert growing tips, here's the best independent advice.

Summer flowers in full bloom make any garden look beautiful - but why stop there? Bring the best of the season into your home with our guide to growing flowers for cutting.

From getting to know your soil pH to choosing a colour scheme, our favourite gardening bloggers share their top tips for cultivating a spectacular garden display.

Get your garden off to a flying start every summer with a little help from our choice of top ten hardy plants for early-season colour.

If your garden tends towards spring and early-summer colour, these ten hardy perennials prolong the show and provide lasting interest into autumn.

Annuals are easy to grow, low-maintenance and varied. Many self-seed and some are even edible! Nic Wilson shares her favourite combinations here.

Annelise Brilli shares five of her favourite June flowers to bring colour and class to your pots and borders. Great for inspiration.

July heat can prove too much for some plants, but not these hardy specimens. Annelise Brilli takes us through her top five summer survivors.

Foxgloves lend a dreamy quality to any garden display. Read on to learn more about growing these folklore favourites.

Hailing from Mexico, zinnias bring a spicy zing to gardens and make excellent cut flowers. Find out how to successfully raise zinnias from seed with our easy-to-follow guide.

Growing late-flowering rudbeckia (coneflowers) among grasses provides splashes of colour that last well into autumn. Nic Wilson shares some of her favourites.

Hibiscus flowers come in many varieties and are easy to grow both indoors and out. Sara Taylor shares her expert advice on looking after some of the most popular types.

Bring a zesty twist to your garden with six of our favourite yellow plants and flowers. If you want to liven up your patio and add a little extra sunshine to your borders, start here.

Hugely popular and easy to care for, petunias look great in containers, baskets and borders. Kris Collins shares his tips for keeping these colourful blooms healthy and happy.

Begonias are a stalwart of the summer garden and can also cope with part shade. This collection of independent, expert articles is a great source of begonia knowledge.

With so many colours, sizes and scents to choose from, where do you start? Read this independent, expert advice to help you choose, plant and care for bedding plants.

Careful pruning gives you better plants. Here, fuchsia enthusiast Carol Gubler shows you how to pinch out young fuchsias for optimal flower production.

Love the look of long-lasting salvias in summer beds and borders? Learn how to take cuttings of half-hardy salvias with advice from our professional hort team.

Choose from our wide range of summer-flowering bulbs to make your garden pop with colour throughout the warmer months.

Browse our extensive collection of annual bedding plants and brighten up your home and garden this summer.

From sunflowers and poppies to lupins and nigella, we have all your favourite hardy annuals plus pollinator-friendly seed mixes to attract beneficial insects into your garden.

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