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Strawberry plants - more info

The strawberry sits on the throne of early summer. The sweet red fruits are a quintessential British treat, especially paired with cream or a light sprinkle of sugar. Eaten directly from your very own plants, these sweet delights can’t be beaten. Now there are some fantastic ornamental varieties on the market so you can enjoy your strawberries in flower too. Strawberry ‘Just Add Cream’ features spectacular deep pink blooms with some of the sweetest fruits around. Plant this award winning variety in a hanging basket to admire.

Which strawberry varieties fruit earliest?

The earliest fruiting strawberry variety is strawberry ‘Just Add Cream’ which starts producing its aromatic fruits in May. This is followed closely by strawberry ‘Vibrant’ which crops 60 days after planting. Make sure you plant these type in early March to get these benefits as soon as you can.

How long will my strawberry plants last?

Strawberry plants are perennial and will live up to six years. For the best yields, it’s best to replace your plants every three years. Think of a replacement as an opportunity to try a new, tasty variety. Or, keep your plants young by potting up the ‘runners’ that strawberries produce naturally from their base. These little stems shoot out with a couple of small leaves and produce roots upon contact with damp soil.

Which strawberry varieties are the heaviest fruiting?

The heaviest fruiting strawberry varieties are ‘Honoeye’, and ‘Anais’ which sees yields of up to 1.2kg of eye-catching, sweet orange coloured fruits. Strawberry ‘Sweet Colossus’ produces the largest individual fruits weighing up to 42g each, while still maintaining a sweet flavour.

To make sure you always have tasty strawberries to pick in the summer, plant a mix of varieties with different cropping times. ‘Early’ varieties start producing from May, whilst late cropping or ever bearing varieties like sweet ‘Flamenco’ peak in September but fruit throughout the summer until the first frosts.

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