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Buildings & Fencing

This eclectic range of garden buildings and fencing offers everything you could ask for to create a unique space, a striking boundary or a place to relax. With a playhouse, you really can unleash the wonder of your child’s imagination, and with a greenhouse, those runner beans have a place to start life even before they begin to climb.

Best Sellers

Incredicrop® Grow Bag

32 Reviews
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Garden Grow Greenhouse tunnel (Net) 300x45x45cm

7 Reviews
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Mini Greenhouse Cloche

101 Reviews
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Garden Grow Wooden Cold Frame

41 Reviews
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Garden Grow Raised Wooden Cold Frame

2 Reviews
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Garden Grow Premium Portable 12 Shelf Greenhouse

14 Reviews
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Garden Grow Three-Tier Wooden Cold Frame

7 Reviews
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Just for You

Nurseryman's Choice Container Mix 10 Postiplug plants ONLY £4.99 with any order

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Nurseryman's Choice Hanging Basket Mixed Collection 20 Postiplugs ONLY £6.99 with any order over £30

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Calibrachoa 'Cabaret Good-Night-Kiss' 10 jumbo plugs ONLY £4.99 with any order over £20

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Begonia 'Fragrant Falls Improved™ - Apricot Delight' 8 jumbo plug plants ONLY £6.99 with any order over £60

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