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Here’s everything you need to grow pumpkin and squash. Whether you’re looking for advice on growing giant pumpkins for Halloween or want to enjoy the delicate flavour of homegrown butternut squash in soups, stews and curries, we’ve got you covered.

Choose from our selection of pumpkin and squash seeds, or save time and stock up on plugs from our wide range of vegetable plants. Why not try one of the more unusual varieties like squash ‘Mashed Potatoes’ which can be baked and fluffed for a low-carb alternative to real mash?

This comprehensive article is packed with tips on growing pumpkins from seed, including four short videos that demonstrate sowing, planting out, pollinating and harvesting.

It’s easy to grow marrows and squash from seed with a few simple pointers. Growing the right number for your family can be harder to judge! Find helpful advice here.

For advice on the best butternut squash varieties to grow in the ground or containers, this helpful article is a good place to start.

Our resident horticultural expert says that if you notice powdery mildew, you’ll need to act fast to stop it spreading. Here’s how to save your crop and prevent future attacks.

If you want to grow your own perfect Halloween decorations, join us for T&M’s pumpkin seed sowing day and keep your timings on track. Here’s when to start.

Extreme pumpkin growing is increasingly popular, but it requires good soil, good fertiliser, warmth and water. Follow these steps to grow your own giant specimen.

Our hort team was lucky enough to meet with Ian Paton to talk about his record-breaking pumpkins. This fascinating insight explains exactly what it takes to grow a giant.

A member of the local horticultural society, and keen veg grower, Thomas Carpenter learned more than he anticipated when chasing his own giant pumpkin…

Silky and smooth, a warm bowl of butternut squash soup is a joy to come home to after a chilly winter walk. Add grated fresh ginger to this recipe for an extra vitamin boost.

Pumpkins are not just for carving! Try this nourishing soup recipe and put the grizzly scraped-out innards of your Halloween pumpkin to delicious use.

Find our full range of pumpkin and squash seeds here, including the fairytale pumpkin ‘Cinderella’ and some beautifully coloured and flavoursome squash seeds.

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