Gardening for wildlife

Thriving gardens need wildlife. Birds, bees, butterflies and garden mammals help to maintain balance and biodiversity by pollinating our plants and controlling unwelcome pests. Whether you want a checklist of the best plants for wildlife or you’re keen to help save native butterflies, our articles are the perfect place to start.

We stock a wide range of products to help you make your garden attractive to wildlife. From wild bird food and nesting boxes to the best plants and trees for pollinators, there’s something here for all nature-lovers.

Create the right habitat and they will come! A few easy changes to your garden can encourage wildlife to visit regularly for food, shelter and to breed. Find top tips here.

Want to know the best plants and flowers to encourage wildlife into your garden? Our helpful checklist of spring, summer and autumn-flowering plants will tempt them in!

Even if you only have a tiny courtyard, there are plenty of ways you can support local wildlife. From planting a few herbs to adding small water feature, try these simple ideas.

If a fox is visiting your garden, it probably has a local food source and shouldn’t need to be fed. Read our article to learn more about foxes and their natural behaviour.

Want to encourage nocturnal visits from badgers? As well as scuffling in short grass for worms, here are the fruits they especially love to forage in wildlife-friendly gardens.

Did you know that hedgehogs can travel up to one mile each night to find food, shelter or a mate. Here are some top tips to support these lovely creatures.

A single Pipistrelle bat can eat up to 3000 midges in a night! Learn more about these fascinating nocturnal creatures in our full article.

From hanging nest boxes in January through to planting wildlife-friendly bare-root shrubs in December, our monthly checklists are full of inspiration for nature-loving families.

Birds are fascinating to watch and help to control unwanted pests like slugs and caterpillars. Here’s how to make your garden a haven for our feathered friends.

Essential to a healthy ecosystem, some UK butterflies are now threatened with extinction. Here’s what you can plant in your garden to support these pretty pollinators.

Bees play a vital role in pollinating fruit, veg and flowers - if we look after them they’ll look after us! Here are the best nectar-rich flowers, bulbs, herbs, trees and shrubs to grow.

From companion planting to green manures and encouraging natural predators, here are some of the best ways to garden without chemicals.

This is the range of plants and flowers that the RHS specifically recommends for pollinators. Browse these plugs and garden-ready plants for instant impact.

Including annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees, here’s a selection of plants that every wildlife-friendly garden should have.

Choose native hedging plants for your garden and create a safe haven for a variety of different animals. Providing food and shelter, local wildlife will love you for it!

Shop our hedgehog houses, insect hotels and bee shelters to provide a welcome sanctuary for many different animals in your garden.

Take a look at our huge range of bird feeders to encourage a variety of species to your outside space. Includes ground feeders, hanging feeders, bird tables and more.

Find a comprehensive range of wild bird food including sunflower seeds, peanuts, niger seeds and mealworms. Pick up nesting boxes and bird baths here too.

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