Here’s everything you need to know about growing your own delicious asparagus. Read our essential guide to growing asparagus for practical tips and visit our expert masterclass for some of the best independent advice on growing this special spring delicacy.

Looking for ways to save money on asparagus crowns? If you have the time, raising a crop from seed is a rewarding and cost-effective option.

Find tried-and-tested advice on growing asparagus courtesy of this carefully chosen selection of independent garden bloggers. Includes top planting tips and recipes.

Plant bare-root asparagus crowns in a sunny, sheltered position where they can grow undisturbed. Once established, they crop for about 25 years! Learn more growing tips here.

Once you’ve stopped harvesting the spears in June, your asparagus will quickly start to send up tall, leafy ferns. Find out how and when to cut these back with our helpful guide.

Taking time to prepare a new asparagus bed in advance is well worth the effort. In this video, Sue Sanderson demonstrates how to support the crowns on a ridge for the best results.

Asparagus can be planted in spring or autumn, and is just one of many fantastic vegetables that can be grown outdoors through winter. See our top ten winter veg for more inspiration.

Whether you want to grow green, purple or white asparagus spears, browse our full range of bare root crowns for individual varieties or mixed collections.

If you have the time and patience, try raising your own asparagus crop from high quality seeds. Choose this strong-growing and productive variety for the best chance of success.

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