Currants are reliable and easy to grow soft fruits that are rarely found in a supermarket. Available in many colours including white, pink, red and black, these high-yielding plants provide bumper crops of healthy fruit. Whether you want to know how to grow blackcurrants or need to find out when to prune Ribes sanguineum (flowering currants), we’ve got you covered.

Looking to place an order? Take a look at our wide range of currant plants to find the perfect variety for your garden.

Nic Wilson of dogwooddays grows black, red and white currants in her garden. She recommends planting bare root varieties until March in this helpful guest post.

Choose a sunny spot for blackcurrant bushes, although they can cope with some shade. Read the full article for more tips on how, when and where to plant them.

Whitecurrants are easy to grow, delicious to eat and ignored by pests. Read our full article for expert tips on growing red, white and blackcurrants in your garden.

Pink currants are an excellent choice for container-growing on a patio or balcony. For more expert advice on growing soft fruit, our masterclass is packed with pearls of wisdom.

If you grow Ribes sanguineum (flowering currants) for a burst of vibrant spring colour and fragrance, read our pruning guide to keep them flowering at their best.

In cooler part of the UK, guest blogger Emma Cooper recommends perennial crops like red and white currants that don’t need much sun to fruit well. Read on for more.

When spring arrives, T&M expert Annelise Brilli enjoys her flowering quince (chaenomeles) and her flowering currant (ribes) most of all. Read the full article for specific variety advice.

Homemade blackcurrant cassis is a very special treat to wow guests. Visit the article for delicious summer drinks ideas and lots of unusual recipes.

British blackcurrants are one of the healthiest fruits you can eat, packed full of vitamins and minerals. If you’re looking for more reasons to grow this superfood, read on.

Redcurrants, blackcurrants and whitecurrants are easy fruits for beginners. Some varieties can even be grown in containers. Find more suggestions here.

Browse our full range of currant plants including bare root options and container-grown varieties. Choose from redcurrants, blackcurrants, pinkcurrants and whitecurrants.

For a burst of colour and scent in spring, choose a flowering currant shrub from our range of strong, hardy and reliable plants.

Choose sweet and juicy blackcurrants from our excellent range. Whether you want snacking or cooking varieties, we have something to suit every garden.

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