Beetroot and chard hub

Here’s everything you need to grow beetroot and chard. Even if you don’t have a huge garden or allotment, these attractive vegetables both grow happily in containers or as part of your flower border. Whether you prefer to sow vegetable seeds or buy plug plants, we’ve got plenty of tips on how to grow beetroot along with unusual suggestions for those of you who like to grow your own salads.

Browse our complete range of beetroot and chard seeds to find old favourites or new and exciting varieties. Looking for foolproof options? Check out this list of tried and tested vegetables that have won the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Beetroot prefers a sunny spot and free-draining, nitrogen-rich soil. Originally a coastal plant, it’s a hardy veg that’s perfect for beginners. Pick up some top tips here.

Beginner beetroot grower? This collection of expert articles, YouTube videos and Insta posts help you sow, grow and harvest this healthy and colourful crop.

Ancient Romans thought beetroot was an aphrodisiac and dressed wounds with the leaves. From wine to hangover cures, find more reasons to grow your own beetroot here!

You don’t have to sacrifice your glorious garden to grow your own food. Here are three clever ways to add crops to ornamental borders for a beautiful and productive space.

Having a veg plot keeps you active and provides a cheap source for your five-a-day. Here are some quick tips to help you get the most from your fruit and veg garden.

Freshly harvested beetroot is the main ingredient in this delicious, summery salad recipe. Ideal for BBQs or served with a wedge of quiche for a healthy lunch.

Some of the healthiest “greens” are actually purple, red and yellow! Swiss chard is just one of the veg that creates a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Find more here.

Only vegetables that have been thoroughly tried and tested win the RHS Award of Garden Merit. For the most flavoursome and foolproof varieties to grow, here’s the place to start.

Find your favourite beetroot and chard seeds right here. Easy to grow and delicious to eat, both vegetables come in a wide array of nutrient-packed colours.

Stock up on beetroot and chard plugs from our wide range of vegetable plants that have been grown to save you time and space. Grafted varieties are available too.

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