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Jasmine guide

Jasmine is best known for its superb sweet scent, but they’re also endowed with lovely coloured jasmine flowers. Whether in a pot or in the ground, jasmine is a spectacular climber for trellis, arbours and arches alike.

Can you grow jasmine in a container?

All jasmine is well suited to growing in a container. Make sure you place your container next to a wall or arbour for your jasmine plant to climb up. Use a large, heavy bottomed pot to provide a sturdy base to climb from.

Strongest scented jasmine flowers

Classic jasmine, and the unrelated but very similar trachelospermum jasminoides, exude powerful perfume. The tiny blossoms are unobtrusive but produce a scent that carries on the breeze. Plant these fantastic climbers on a path or near a doorway for fragrance every time you pass.

Colourful jasmine flowers

Jasmine nudiflorum blossoms as early as January with bright, sunshine yellow clusters of flowers. This is a great variety to lean over a low wall with its stiff deep green stems. For a more delicate blush pink shade, choose the June blooming jasminum x stephanense for dense balls of delicate pink blooms.

Jasmine for growing indoors

Grow scented jasmine on your windowsill to enjoy wonderful wafts of fragrance as you wander by. Specially trained ‘Jasmine on a Hoop’ is artfully twisted into an attractive loop. Browse through all of our fantastic house plants to find a wide variety of scent and foliage to brighten your interiors.

Which jasmine is evergreen?

Trachelospermum jasminoides is an evergreen climber whereas ‘real’ jasmine, jasmine officinale, is a deciduous climber, losing its leaves through the winter months.

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