Balcony and small space gardening

You don’t need a huge garden to enjoy plants and flowers, support wildlife and grow your own fruit and veg. Many perennials thrive in containers, window boxes and hanging baskets, and it’s amazing how much fresh produce you can grow vertically. Whether you want to pick up tips on container gardening, or grow salad on a windowsill, we’ve got lots of information to support your journey.

Browse our full collection of patio plants for inspiration.

If you’re short on space, perennial containers give you colourful displays, year after year. From evergreen cordyline to electric blue eryngium, there’s something for everyone here.

If you want to grow balcony veg like Sarah, the first step is choosing what to sow. She had roaring success with mangetout, but won’t grow peas again. Read her story here.

Heuchera 'Marmalade’ is just one of seven plants we recommend for a bright and welcoming balcony over winter. Read on for more of our horticultural team’s top tips.

Vertical gardens add colour and structure to your outside space. Useful on balconies, patios, walls or fences, choose to grow flowers and foliage or fruit like strawberries. Inspiring!

Even if you don’t have a garden, placing a container standard at either side of your front door creates a striking entrance. Here’s how to train a fuchsia standard yourself.

Berries are the perfect container crop for small spaces. Think strawberries in window boxes, trailing blackberries in hanging baskets and blueberries in pots. Find more ideas here.

Urban gardener Sasha says lettuce is ideal for containers, and the colourful varieties look great too! Read her article for a list of all the crops she grows in her small space garden.

Herbs are the ideal crop for small gardens, balconies and window sills. To keep basil going all summer, just feed, water and harvest regularly. Watch our quick video guide for tips.

Homegrown chillies thrive in hanging baskets or containers - and make excellent houseplants with fruits that look as good as they taste. Here’s how to grow them.

Browse our full range of colourful hanging basket plants for everything from pretty petunias to perfect pelargoniums.

Browse our full range of patio plants for hardy annuals and acers to hydrangeas and hard-working alstroemerias that flower from June to November!

Herbs are attractive, aromatic and ideal for growing inside and out. Browse our herb plants for favourites like basil, mint, chives, thyme, sage and zesty lemon verbena.

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