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Find everything you need to know about growing happy and healthy houseplants here. These guides and articles will help you to fill your home with lush green foliage and brightly coloured blooms.

Whether you want to know our top ten houseplants for beginners or you’re hoping to dress your shelves with trailing/hanging plants, T&M has something to suit every abode.

The trick to successfully growing houseplants is choosing the right plant for the conditions in your home. Here are 10 easy options for beginners.

Want to know how to prune leggy houseplants or propagate back-ups from cuttings? Read our houseplants masterclass for practical tips.

Growing house plants in water, rather than soil, is a hot trend. Read on for hydroponic care tips and find out which indoor plants will thrive in a vase.

Do you have a plant that’s not thriving? Consult our helpful table for specific care advice including optimum temperature, water and light levels.

Houseplants are a hot topic right now! Check out these inspiring Instagram accounts if you’re looking for new ideas and expert advice to get you started.

With practical advice on repotting, feeding and watering, including what to do when you’re away from home, this is a great overview of how to care for indoor plants.

Before you invest in a new plant for your home, here are the most important things to consider and the best questions to ask yourself.

Trained horticulturist Ellen Mary has something in the region of 100 house plant cuttings in her home. Find out which five special plants made her shortlist of favourites.

Even the subtlest shifts in temperature and light can upset the balance of your indoor plants. Here are a few simple steps to help them quickly settle into their new home.

Find answers to our house plant FAQs. Troubleshoot your watering schedule, odd leaf colours and spindly growth here.

These houseplants are sure to get your kids interested. From meat-eating carnivores to spiky pineapples, there’s no shortage of fun. Find care tips too.

Find everything you need to know about watering your houseplants here. Make the optimal schedule, whether you have desert succulents or tropical water lovers.

Place your houseplants in the right amount of light so they thrive. Find out how to give your plants a boost with a ‘houseplant holiday’ in this info packed article.

Find out how to make a small corner larger or to cosy down a cavernous room with houseplants. This detailed article covers the best colour, form and size.

If you’re looking for easy plant options, start here. This list of plants are forgiving and tough enough to handle a bit of accidental mistreatment.

T&M’s expert Annelise Brilli shares her top ten houseplants. Expect glorious foliage, brightly coloured flowers and tailored tips for each of these top plants.

Pets and house plants don't always mix. If you're looking for pet-friendly foliage to brighten up your home, here are some safe options along with those that should be avoided!

Find our full range of houseplants here. Whether you’re looking for lush foliage, stylish succulents, air purifying plants, or even carnivorous options, we offer a vast choice.

Don’t despair if you have north-facing rooms with low levels of natural light. Browse our range of shade-tolerant house plants that thrive in the darker corners of your home.

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