Thank you for supporting our Ukrainian Red Cross Appeal



A massive and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has donated towards our Ukraine appeal. Due to your huge generosity and support, we have raised over £100,000 to provide vital aid to the brave people of Ukraine. The essential medical supplies and equipment purchased with your donations from a list supplied to us by Ukrainian doctors have now arrived in Ukraine. They are currently being unpacked and processed ready for use on the front line, where they will undoubtedly help to save lives. Thank you again for your huge generosity and support.

If you've not yet made a donation and would like to do so please find below a link to The Mail Force Ukraine Appeal that you can follow and make a donation to this great cause.

Watch your generous donations arriving in Ukraine:

Take a look at your donations being packed and sent over to Ukraine:

Below is a list of some of the vital equipment we have sourced and is now on its way to Ukraine to help the wounded, we could not of done this without the humbling generosity of you our customers and for this you have our heartfelt thanks. Thank you so much for your support during this time, together we can make a difference in these tragic circumstances.

Your Donations have purchased:

Bag Viper complete (PR0210C) x 3

Prometheus selfsave kit complete (PR0260com) x 5

Pouch Jordanian (PRO260JOR) x 20

Personal trauma pouch (PR0219com) x 5

NIO Adult IO (INF/034) x 24 x 24

Pack Biopsy Williams / tag only x10's (D8743) x 300

Dressit Dressing bag med / large - 6 x 10's (D0675) x 16

Silver suture pack - standard x 30's (D8733) x 13

Bronze suture pack - standard x 50's (D8732) x 4

Spec 35 dressing x 12's (D690) x 9

Spec 35 dressing x 12's x 23

Basic Minor Surgery Pack x 30's (D8746) x 8

Cotton wool balls x 500's (D277) x 5

Blue Nitrile PF exam gloves XL - (D4702XL) x 6

Blue Nitrile PF exam gloves M - (D4702M) x 10

Blue Nitrile PF exam gloves L - (D4702L) x 10

Finer Synthetic pwdr / latex L (D415L) x 7

Finer Synthetic pwdr / latex XL (D415XL) x 10

Irripod Sterile saline 25 x 20ml (D5612) x 5

Finer Synthetic pwdr gloves M (D415M) x 20

Finer Synthetic pwdr gloves S (D415S) x 5

Clinell wipes universal x 200's x 8

3M steristrip x 10's (D4252) x 2

Tournibutton tourniquets 16x100's (D21105) x 2

Surgical free masks x 40's x 2

Guedal Airways - OPAS3 (AIR/017-030) x 180 x 2

Guedal Airways - OPAS4 (AIR/017-040) x 180 x 2

Intrafix safeset IV gravity (INF/002) x 200 x 17

Lrg sterile HSE dressing (317) x 100

Celox Haemostatic agent (FG08830181) x 100

Combat tourniquet (CA-TQT-BLK) x 50

Water gel 10cm x 40cm (BO416) x 50

Nasosafe NP Airway (038-95-007) x 100

Med Sterile HSE dressing (316) x 100

Foxseal crease free seal (FG08814441) x 100

Sam Splint (SP526-OB-EN-797) x 30

Combat tourniquet (IV520-OR) x 700

Tisept sachets 10x25ml (D564 x 50

Trauma bandages x 500

Dressing swabs (D33510) x 15

Spec 35 dressing (D690) x 6

Sterile nitrile gloves M (423M/50) x 10

Triangular calico bandage (D410) x 17

Dressing gauze swabs (D330) x 60

BSI first aid kit refill pack (D9792) x 4

Burnsmoothe dressing 10cm x 10cm (D7651) x 15

Burnsmoothe dressing 20cm x 20cm (D7652) x 15

Crepe bandage 7.5cm x 4.5cm (D251) x 119

Crepe bandage 5cm x 4.5cm (D250) x 142

3M steristrip reinforced (D4252) x 61

Leukomed ST non woven dress 7.2x5cm (D7924) x 17

HSE first aid kit 50 person refill (D7335) x 3

Jumbles first aid bag (DB358) x 10

Dressing hypafix 15cm x 10cm (D4211) x 5

Dressing hypafix 10cm x 10cm (D4210) x 30

Bronze suture pack standard x50's (D8732) x 30

White hospital band - write on (D1059) x 5

Clinell wipes universal XL x200's (D5957) x 2

Tensoplast elas adh band 5cm x 4.5cm (D2987) x 10

Tensoplast elas adh band 7.5cm x 4.5cm (D2988) x 1

Tensoplast elas adh band 2.5cm x 4.5cm (D2990) x 30

Cutisoft pre-injection swab wipes x100's (D5714) x 52

Minor surgical pack (D88233) x 21

Conforming bandage 15cm x 4cm (D363) x 10

Pre-injection swabs x100's (D5716) x 1

Burnsoothe burn relief gel bottle 50ml (D1309) x 4

Apron poly white (D85475) x 2

Tournibutton single use tourniquet x10's (D21105) x 10

Tape micropore 2.5cm x 9.1m - 12's (D3572) x 5

Sterile travel set (TP112) x 4

Leukomed ST non woven dress 8x10cm (D7925) x 8

Cosmopor E 7.2 x 5cm dressing x 50's (D5382) x 4

Elite GP practitioner bag (D13378/1) x 8

Videne alcholic tincture - 500ml (D864620) x 40

Bronze suture pack standard x 10's (D8732/1) x 50

Cutimated protect spray 28ml (D7992) x 2

Eye dressing pad & bandage (D323) x 5

Dress it dressing bag med/lrg (D0675) x 4

Tubular stockinette size E (D7325) x 5

Tubular stockinette size F (D7326) x 3

VC protect+ type IIR mask (D85504) x 20

Emergency foil blanket (W341) x 4

Triangular calico bandage 90cm x 127cm (D410) x 7

Dressing atrauman 5cm x 5cm - 50's (D087007) x 5

Fabric plasters assorted x100's (D7294) x 2

Dressing swabs N/woven ster 7.5cmSQ (D33510) x 5

Eye wash 20ml pods 25's (D4332) x 5

Ambu res-cue resus mask (D10406) x 6

BSI first aid kit refill pack Med (D9792) x 1

Cutimed sorbact dressing pods 10cmx10cmx5cm (D4407) x 2

Tubular stockinettesize D (D7324) x 2

Luiqiband optima skin ADH 0.5g (D2732) x 2

Bandage clinifast yellow 10.75cmx5m (D007561) x 3

Dressing ambulance no4 - XXL (D7613) x 6

Dressing ambulance no2 - L (D7611) x 5

Conforming bandage 5cm x 4m (D360) x 30

Dressing aquacel AG S7506 (D013599) x 1

Bronze minor surgery pack (Biopsy) x1's (D8743/1) x 14

Williams synthetic pwdr/latex glove XL (D415XL) x 5

Guest medical spill pak x 10 (W4557) x 1

Luekomed ST non woven dress 8cmx10cmx50cm (D7925) x 10

Mepore ultra dressing w/p 10cmx11cm (D064312) x 4

Luekomed ST non woven dress 7.2cmx10cmx50cm (D7924) x 5

3M steri-strip reinforced 6x75mm (D4252) x 8

Liquiband optima skin ADH 0.5g (D2732) x 1

Crepe bandage 5cm x 4.5m (D250) x 58

Clinell spill wipes pack (D5970) x 8

CE mini compression bandage x 700 (WJHHMCB01-CE) x 4

CE emergency compression bandage x 700 (WJHH-ECD-CE) x 3

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