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Petunia seeds – more info

Starting your petunias from seed is a superb way to produce plenty of plants to fill the garden at a fraction of the cost. It’s a great way to get your hands on some unique double frilly varieties too, like Petunia grandiflora 'Cascade Pink Orchid Mist' F1 Hybrid with its delicate blush blooms. Fill baskets, pots and border edges with your home grown petunias for summer cheer.

As long as you follow a few important steps your petunias should germinate in around 10 days. Your petunia seeds need sunlight to germinate. Simply scatter your petunia seeds over the surface of damp compost and place in a heated propagator to between 15 and 25 degrees leaving the seeds exposed on the soil surface. Allow light to reach your seeds but don’t allow the seeds to dry out. Cover the tray with clear plastic to maintain a good humidity to foster better germination results. Move your seedlings onto a sunny, warm windowsill to develop.

Do petunias self-seed?

Some petunias happily self-seed around the garden. If you want to see volunteer petunias springing up, leave the flower heads to die back and produce seed heads. Expect to see tiny petunias popping up in paving cracks and beds come spring.

If you’d rather not encourage self seeding, deadhead your flowers or sow Petunia 'Superbissima Triumph Mix' to enjoy the gigantic flowers that reach 15 cm wide, requiring no deadheading and without producing their own seed.

Which petunias are most fragrant?

The most fragrant petunias tend to be the double bloomed types and heirloom petunia varieties. The ruffled ‘Spills & Frills’ petunias have both eye-catching scrolled petals and a strong fragrance. Choose Petunia 'Frills & Spills™ Damson Ripple' for a fantastic example of this exciting range of petunias. Take a look through our collection of petunia plants to find glorious scented blooms.

How long do petunia seeds take to germinate?

Petunia seeds take one to two weeks to germinate in the right conditions. It’s important to provide light for your petunia seeds, a steady temperature of 15 to 25 degrees and moisture. Label your seeds with the sowing date and variety to keep an eye on their progress.

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