Find everything you need to know about growing geraniums and pelargoniums here, including our full range of spectacular geranium and pelargonium plants for inspiration.

Sun-loving and drought-tolerant, geraniums are the perfect flowers to bring a Mediterranean feel to borders, containers and hanging baskets. Looking for help and advice? Our article on how to grow geraniums from plug plants is a good place to start. And when you discover a special plant that you’d like to keep, see our tips on how to overwinter your geraniums.

For advice on how to overwinter your geraniums, including a short video, you’re in the right place. Geraniums don’t have a dormant period so keep the roots moist and atmosphere dry.

Love geraniums? If you want to grow your own from seed, cuttings or plug plants, we’ve scoured the internet to source this comprehensive collection of specialist content.

Geranium plug plants are a cost-effective way to create a show-stopping display. Read our quick guide to caring for pelargonium plugs along with tips for planting and pinching out.

Get the most from your geraniums with our comphrensive cultural instructions. This growing guide covers planting in the garden, growing geraniums in containers, general aftercare & much more.

Problems with your geraniums? Don’t panic! Read our article on common pests and diseases to solve issues like yellowing leaves, bug infestations and leaf damage.

Temperature and light are essential for successfully sowing geranium seeds. Whether you’re a beginner geranium grower or want a quick refresher, read our germination tips here.

Technically-minded gardeners will be interested to find out how modern geraniums were bred to overcome problem diseases. A must-read for geranium seed growers.

Want to give your geraniums a real boost and help them thrive? Try some of these simple feeding, compost and pruning tips to see your plants perform at their best.

Check out Sue Sanderson’s video on how to create a herbaceous border. Her expert advice will help you plant professional-looking perennial displays for all-year-round interest.

Hardy geraniums (cranesbills) are easy to grow from seed. This article teaches you how to create your own unique hybrids and collect seed from thriving plants.

Browse the entire range of geranium plants including exclusive new varieties from T&M’s own breeding programme. Buy Regals, Zonals, Scented, Angels and exotic Stellars here.

Prefer to sow your own? Our wide choice of Geranium and Pelargonium seeds provides plenty of inspiration for block-planting swathes of bright flowers in beds and borders.

What is a geranium?

Geraniums are popular perennial flowering plants. Geranium is a common name that refers to two genera - Geranium and Pelargonium. True geraniums are hardy, while Pelargoniums are tender perennials that are often treated as annuals in the UK climate. Both are referred to as ‘geraniums’ by most gardeners.

The first tender Pelargonium arrived in England in the 17th century from South Africa, while many hardy Geraniums are native to the UK. Plant both types of geraniums in garden borders, pots and hanging baskets for a sizzling floral display. Check out our list of top 10 summer bedding plants for additional Spring/Summer planting inspiration

How to grow geranium plants?

The easiest way to grow geraniums and pelargoniums is from plug plants that can be planted straight into the garden or into pots.

Hardy geraniums can be grown from seed on a sunny windowsill or planted straight into the garden as bare root. Pelargoniums are best grown from plug plants or cuttings - they hybridise readily and can produce seed that is not true.

Pelargoniums don’t like frost and will need to be sheltered indoors over winter. Hardy geraniums can overwinter in the garden, all they need is cutting back mid autumn to keep them tidy. Divide hardy geraniums three to five years after planting, to produce new plants for the rest of the garden.

What are the best geranium flowers?

The best geranium flowers are produced by zonal Pelargoniums which also have eye catching leaf patterns. Grow regal Pelargoniums for blowsy large petals, and vibrant colours. Trailing Pelargoniums work well in hanging baskets - read our three step guide on how to plant up hanging baskets for the best display.

Wildlife gardener? Bees love the blue dish shaped flowers of hardy geraniums. For pots, try scented leaf Pelargoniums for sensory stimulation and delicate flower displays.

How long do geraniums flower?

Geraniums produce flowers until the first frost, usually at the end of autumn. Feed geraniums with fertiliser and deadhead regularly during the growing season to promote flowering. Try planting Fuchsias, Begonias and Petunias alongside geraniums for a colourful summer display.

Why are my geranium leaves turning yellow?

Hardy geranium leaves can turn yellow when they need water. Water your geranium plants more often to prevent leaf yellowing. For more information on geranium problems, read our practical troubleshooting your geraniums guide.

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