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Magnolia FAQs

Magnolia blossoms are often perfumed. Magnolia grandiflora, the classic tree of stately gardens, blooms in summer producing a delicate scent. Deep purple to brilliant white, deciduous or evergreen, whatever you fancy, there’s a magnolia for your garden. Find out how to grow magnolias in our comprehensive guide after using our handy FAQ’s to narrow down a variety perfect for your outdoor space.

Is there a scented magnolia?

Most magnolias produce scented blooms but some really stand out. Magnolia ‘Fairy Cream’ demonstrates excellent flower coverage and each bloom has a lovely scent.

Best evergreen magnolias

Stately magnolia grandiflora is a fantastic evergreen option and there is a dwarf variety available that’s a good choice for patio pots and smaller spaces. Expect to see blooms in summer rather than spring from your grandiflora. Evergreen magnolias retain their glossy dark green foliage throughout the year.

Best magnolias to grow in a container

Choose a more compact magnolia variety for planting into your containers. Magnolia stellata suits a large container, showing more delicate star-like blooms in spring than other types.

How tall do magnolias grow?

Full size magnolias mature to fairly large sized trees, the tallest reaching up to 10m tall. Magnolia stellata, an excellent choice for smaller gardens, matures at a height of 3m.

Are magnolias edible?

Not all magnolias are edible so make sure you identify your tree before you pick the flowers for human consumption. If you want to plant an edible type, magnolia x soulangeana produces goblet shaped pink blooms in spring that are both tasty and attractive.

Top three magnolias to grow in a small garden

The best magnolia to grow in a small garden is pure white star bloomed magnolia stellata, followed closely by the blush pink delicate magnolia x loebneri 'Leonard Messel'. The delightful two-toned magnolia denudata 'Sunrise Beauty' is also a worthy addition to our winner’s podium. These varieties are sure to bring joy to any small garden.

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