Climbing plants

Here’s everything you need to grow a decorative selection of climbing plants over walls, fences, pergolas and arches. Even if you don’t have a suitable structure, you can train climbing flowers like sweet peas up an obelisk to add height and interest to borders. Check out our ‘climbing fuchsias’ article for something a little unusual, or learn how to prune wisteria to make sure this traditional cottage garden favourite keeps blooming year after year.

When you’re ready to start planting, choose from our wide range of scented, perennial, annual or evergreen climbing plants. You’ll also need a roll of high quality soft tie and a sharp set of secateurs to keep these versatile plants in check.

Here are ten of the best climbing plants chosen by T&M’s hort team. Their top tip? Check the height and spread of whichever variety you choose so it won’t outgrow the space.

Looking for a climbing plant to grow on a sunny wall, shady wall or in a container? Read our great guide to choosing, planting, supporting and training your climbers.

Climbing fuchsias offer a classy alternative to some of the more straggly climbers. Even better news, they’re easy to prune. Find out more here.

A cottage garden favourite, wisteria is easy to grow. With correct care this long-lived twining climber will reward you with years of pleasure. Here’s how and where to plant yours.

Correctly pruning your wisteria keeps it under control and encourages more flowers. Here’s how and when to prune your wisteria.

Find everything you need to grow fabulous wisteria here. These independent articles, videos and Instagram posts are packed with useful expert tips.

Clematis thrives in well-drained, fertile soil and can cope with full sun or partial shade. The trick is to bury the root ball quite deeply and cover with pebbles. Find more tips here.

Our clematis masterclass brings together everything you need to know about these spectacular blooms. Includes new varieties to try along with pruning and planting tips.

Clematis wilt is caused by a fungus that is spread through infected water, leaf waste and organic matter. Here’s how to identify and treat the problem, should it strike.

Passion flowers are rigorous, evergreen climbers that thrive in sunny, sheltered positions. This article explains how and when to prune your Passiflora for masses of blooms.

A popular cottage garden flower, sweet peas are often trained onto wigwam-shaped supports to form a column of fragrant colour. Read our growing guide for advice.

Pick up a pack of 50 galvanised support rings to keep your sweet peas and other climbers upright as they become established. Quick, easy-to-tie and reusable.

Browse our range of climbing and rambling roses here. Whether you’re looking for heirloom varieties or compact climbers suitable for small gardens, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Choose the perfect climbing plant from our huge collection of evergreen, scented, perennial and annual climbers. Find traditional favourites and exciting new varieties.

Cover unsightly fences, walls and garden buildings with perennial climbers that return year after year. Opt for flowering varieties, interesting foliage or even winter interest options.

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