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Sunflower seeds are easy-to-grow hardy annuals that can be directly sown outside once all threat of frost has passed. Available in many colours including bright yellow, orange, white and burgundy, these popular blooms are loved by birds, bees and other pollinators. Whether you want tips on how to grow giant sunflowers or hope to find inspiration for a beautiful new annual flower display, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to place an order? Take a look at our full range of sunflower seeds to find the perfect variety for your garden.

Ideal for allotments, gardens and cut flowers, sunflowers are a firm family favourite. Here are some helpful growing tips along with a short, how-to video guide.

Did you know you can pinch out sunflower plants to get multiple flower heads? For more unusual tips from sunflower experts, read our masterclass.

Richard recommends growing sunflowers against a south-facing wall and using a high nitrogen feed until they’re 10ft tall. Pick up more ‘giant’ sunflower growing tips here.

If your kids want to grow sunflowers as big as their face, download our child-friendly guide and have fun choosing the perfect seeds. Easy-to-follow, expert advice for all ages!

Growing seed-bearing plants is a great way to feed birds throughout the year. As well as sunflowers, Nic Wilson suggests poppies, alliums and echinacea. Read on for more ideas.

Careful block planting of yellow blooms leads the eye to different parts of the garden. The colour of hope and promise, check out these tricks for using yellow in your outside space.

Here, Nic Wilson shares her favourite annual flower combinations with tips on how to create a fresh new display every year. Beautiful, affordable and perfect for beginners.

Did you know there are compact, multi-branching sunflowers bred for containers and fronts of borders? Learn more about the new, award-winning ‘Sunbelievable’ variety here.

Sunflowers are just one of the magical plants that can help children to develop a love of gardening. Read all about our new ‘Mr Men’ and ‘Little Miss’ range for more ideas.

Browse our full range of sunflower seeds to find popular favourites, unusual colours, ‘giants’ and even fluffy double flowers that look soft enough to cuddle! Available from just 99p.

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