Here’s everything you need to know about growing your own tomatoes, from choosing the best variety through to caring for your plants. Maybe you need help potting up tomato plug plants, or some quick tips on how to avoid common problems like greenback? This page has quick links to all the information you need for success.

Ready to get started now? Try your hand at growing a new grafted variety or order a trusty favourite from our wide range of tomato plants. And if you prefer to sow your own, take a look at our tomato seeds, including everything from succulent cherries through to mighty beefsteaks.

For an ultimate guide to growing prize-winning tomatoes at home, here’s the best independent, expert content compiled into one really helpful resource.

Whether you want to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse or outdoors, read this how-to guide and watch the video tutorial for an easy, step-by-step method to sowing tomato seeds.

Do you want to start with healthy young tomato plants instead of seed? Here’s exactly what to do with your tomato postiplugs when they drop through your letterbox.

Plants grown in containers or under glass sometimes succumb to tomato greenback. Find out how to avoid this common problem here.

Are your plants looking a bit forlorn? Tomato stem canker is an untreatable fungal disease, but following these few simple rules can help prevent future outbreaks.

Did you know you should never serve fresh tomatoes on pewter tableware? Find out why along with other surprising tomato facts while you wait for your fruit to ripen.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by choice, here’s the place to find out which cherry, plum, salad or beefsteak tomato is best for your growing conditions and needs.

Want to make perfect passata, chutneys and relishes? You're in the right place. But have you tried tomato crisps sprinkled with salt and garlic pepper? Yum!

Order traditional favourites and exciting new tomato varieties here! Choose between postiplugs or potted tomato plants for a quick and easy start to the growing season.

Grow your own tomatoes from seed. From snack-sized cherries suitable for hanging baskets to italian plum tomatoes for homemade pasta sauce, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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