How to grow tomatoes from plug plants

Tomato 'Patia Rose' from Thompson & Morgan

Growing tomatoes from plug plants is an easy way to grow tomatoes
Image: Tomato 'Patia Rose' from Thompson & Morgan

Find out what to do when you receive your tomato plug plants via post. Read our helpful guide and watch our step-by-step video below to see exactly how to care for your tomato plugs in their crucial early days.

What to do when your tomato plug plants arrive

Tomato 'Sweet Aperitif' from Thompson & Morgan

Tomato plugs are a quick and easy way to start your own tomato crop
Image: Tomato 'Sweet Aperitif' plants from Thompson & Morgan

When your tomato plant plugs arrive in the post, remove them from their packaging as soon as possible and give them a good watering. Your plugs will have strong root systems, but they’re still too small to go outdoors or into a full size pot just yet. 

Where should you plant tomato plug plants?

Hand planting tomato plug plants

Tomato plugs are ready to be potted up when they arrive
Image: Thompson & Morgan

Pot up your tomato plugs into 9cm pots using good quality peat free multi-purpose compost, handling the root ball to maneuver them in. Never hold the stem or leaves of your plugs as this may damage the delicate plants. 

Firm the soil around the base of the plug gently with your fingers, making sure you plant the plug deeply, up to the juncture of the first two true leaves and the stem. Water your pots well to settle the compost snugly around the roots. Leave your plugs for a few weeks in these pots in a warm sunny spot, keeping the soil moist. 

How to grow tomatoes from plug plants video

Watch our quick video guide to see exactly what to do when you receive your tomato plug plants in the post.

We hope you’ve found our video guide to growing tomato plug plants helpful. Visit our tomatoes hub page for more growing advice, care tips, and blog posts. Let us know how your tomatoes do by sharing a pic with us via Twitter!


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