Alpines and rockery plants

Here’s everything you need to know about growing alpines and rockery plants. Loosely used to mean a plant that grows in tough stony ground or at high altitude, alpines tend to be low-growing and are often covered with tiny but resplendently bright flowers. Read our article to find out which varieties to use as a green roof on your bin store or, if you’re after an easy-care houseplant, why not give sempervivums a go?

Including award-winning sedums, vibrant phlox and cottage garden style campanulas, browse our quality range of alpine and rockery plants for an enticing choice.

This collection of YouTube videos, Insta posts, and helpful articles tells you just about everything you need to know about choosing and growing alpine and rockery plants.

Erigeron, aubretia and creeping thyme are just three drought-resistant alpines that work as ground cover in a rockery or cascading over a stone wall. Find more ideas here.

Want to learn how to make a green roof bin store? In this guest post by Nic Wilson you’ll find out how to bring sedums and other miniature treasures into the limelight.

Looking for splashes of colour to fill the small, dry spaces between paving slabs or in rockeries? Carol Bartlett recommends erigeron and sedum. Read her post for more.

Sue Sanderson loves drought-tolerant sempervivums. Steeped in folklore, these tough little plants have been used throughout history as medicine. See what else thrives in dry gardens.

Water is precious, so drought-tolerant alpines like Sedum ‘Sunsparkler’ and bright osteospermums make a great choice for dry rock gardens. See our top 10 here.

Sempervivums are rugged little plants that can cope with deserts, stony ground and rock faces. Learn the tough-love regime that helps them thrive on a sunny indoor windowsill.

Browse our full range of low-maintenance alpines and rockery plants. Including annual and perennial varieties, these bright and resilient little plants are easy to grow and care for.

Choose perennial alpine and rockery plants to create a fascinating, garden feature that returns year after year. They’re especially lovely when planted en masse!

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