Exotic plants

Here’s everything you need to know about growing exotic plants in your home or garden. Whether you want to grow tropical fruits in the UK or you’re looking for expert advice on caring for your jungle of ferns, this is the perfect place to start.

When you’re ready to order, browse our exciting range of exotic plants which includes everything from scented flowers to spectacular trees.

Some exotic plants are actually quite hardy, providing a useful backbone for a jungle planting scheme. Find out which architectural and foliage varieties to add for dramatic effect.

Lush, green ferns lend your home or garden an instantly tropical vibe. These expert articles and videos help you choose the best varieties and successfully care for your plants.

Hibiscus is a beautiful flowering plant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Read this comprehensive article for the best varieties, growing tips and more.

Loved for its bright colours, amaranthus is a gorgeous addition to a border. But did you know you can eat the leaves like spinach and cook the seeds like quinoa? Learn more here.

Calatheas are popular house plants with beautiful foliage. Relatively easy to care for, they prefer a warm, humid environment and indirect sunlight. Read our expert guide for more.

Find the perfect drought-resistant plants using this quick table for inspiration. Includes drought-resistant shrubs, flowers and grasses for sunny spots and shady corners.

If you want to know the ideal conditions for anthuriums including light, temperature, humidity and soil, this article is packed with practical advice.

Want to grow your own exotic lemons? Read our fantastic selection of independent articles, videos and posts for pruning advice, feeding guidance and troubleshooting tips.

Not only can you grow exotic fruits in the UK, many of them don’t require a greenhouse. Here are 8 of the best self-fertile, hardy fruit trees to bring a tropical twist to your patio.

Browse our wide range of indoor and outdoor exotic plants, including colourful flowers, dwarf trees, shrubs and climbers.

Take a look at our collection of exotic fruit trees and grow your own Mediterranean citrus fruits, delicious figs and even bananas. Ornamental edibles at their best!

For tropical colour and lush foliage that doesn’t require vast amounts of water, visit our excellent choice of drought-tolerant plants, flowers, shrubs and trees here.

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