Here’s everything you need to know about fuchsias, from choosing the best variety through to caring for your plants.

Perhaps you want to learn how to train a fuchsia standard, or pick up some quick tips on how to prune your fuchsias? This page has quick links to all the information you need for success. And if you’re looking for an ultimate guide to growing these elegant blooms, visit our fuchsia masterclass - a compilation of the best independent, expert content brought together into one really useful resource.

Buying fuchsias? Browse our full range of fuchsia plants to find traditional favourites as well as unique new cultivars. For a little inspiration, check out our top ten favourite fuchsia plants to help you make your final choice.

We’ve scoured the internet to bring together the best fuchsia content. Read up on everything from overwintering tender plants to controlling when your fuchsias flower.

For a general overview of how to grow fuchsias in borders, containers or hanging baskets, this excellent how-to guide covers all the basics of fuchsia care.

Chosen for flower performance, unique colours and high impact, here are ten fantastic fuchsias to grow in pots, hanging baskets, borders or trained up trellis.

Don’t let your fuchsias grow wild and woody. Here are some quick tips to help you correctly prune your fuchsias and keep them flowering all summer long.

Plug plants are an easy way to liven up your patio containers. This quick video shows you how to pinch out your fuchsia plugs to encourage full, bushy growth.

Plant climbing fuchsias for a spectacular vertical display. Here are some of our favourite climbing varieties and tips for creating an unusual focal point in your own garden.

A 17th century French monk introduced this exotic beauty to the rest of the world. Learn about its Caribbean history and appreciate your fuchsia even more.

Just a few simple tricks will bring out the best in your new fuchsias. Here’s how to create the optimum growing conditions along with some early training techniques to try.

Standard fuchsias look gorgeous in containers or planted out in borders. For advice on how to create your own, see Sue Sanderson’s easy-to-follow guide.

Caroline Broome can’t think of many plants that provide so much interest in such inhospitable corners. See which hardy fuchsias are this urban gardener’s favourites.

Ever wondered why yellow and purple work so well together? Pick up practical colour tips and find out what to plant alongside your fabulous fuchsias here.

Get the most from your fuchsias with our comphrensive cultural instructions. This growing guide covers planting fuchsias, growing in containers, propagation & much more.

Buy your fuchsia plugs or garden-ready plants here. Explore our full range of hardy and tender fuchsia plants for a splash of exotic colour.

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