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Find everything you need to plant a shady garden here. If you don’t know what to grow in a tricky corner, start by reading our article on the top 10 hardy perennials for shade. And a lack of sunlight doesn’t rule out fruit and veg either - check out this list of culinary herbs that are happy to grow in part-shade.

Ready to place an order? Head to our selection of fern plants to find structural foliage that will bring your gloomy corners to life. And if your home suffers from low-light too, why not stock up on some fantastic shade tolerant houseplants while you're at it.

This article helps you find the right shrubs, climbers, bulbs and herbaceous plants for shady garden beds. It includes clever garden design tricks to brighten things up, too.

Not all shade is equal! This article by Mandy Bradshaw helps you to identify whether you have damp, dry, or partial shade and recommends specific plants for each area.

Need the perfect plant to bring a shady spot to life? Whether you have dry shade, damp shade, a gloomy patio or a north-facing balcony, here's how to brighten it up.

Ferns are classic shade plants! This compilation of the best articles, posts and videos from our favourite fern-growing bloggers will help you grow the perfect specimens.

In need of inspiration? This list of 10 excellent hardy perennials will help you fill a shady bed with bright flowers, delicately patterned leaves and lush foliage.

Many culinary herbs thrive in semi-shade. Here’s how to turn your troublesome corner into a fragrant, productive and attractive herb garden.

Are you stuck for what to grow in your shady allotment? See which plants guest blogger Richard Mulcahy chose for the darkest areas of his plot.

Highly scented lily of the valley loves full shade! See what other spreading ground cover plants thrive in tricky darker areas.

Find out how and when to plant shade-tolerant heucheras, along with top recommendations for new and colourful varieties to try.

Viburnums are a classic plant for shade, but you’ll need to know how to keep viburnum beetles at bay. Here’s how to diagnose, treat and prevent future infestations.

Evergreen shrubs are a low-maintenance way to brighten up the darkest part of your garden. Here are the best options for all-year-round foliage, as well as splashes of scent and colour.

Here’s where you’ll find our full range of ferns - the ideal plants for shade. These beautiful plants thrive under trees, in woodland gardens or against north-facing walls.

See all of our indoor shade loving houseplants here. Fill your north-facing rooms with coloured leaves, scented flowers and plenty of style.

Brighten up the darker and damper parts of your garden with shade-loving plants. You'll be amazed at the variety of plants that can cope with lower light levels!

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