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Dwarf fruit trees - more info

Unlike standard fruit trees, dwarf trees can fit into smaller gardens or even grown on patios. Their small size makes it easy to protect fruit from birds with netting, and blossom from late frosts by covering overnight with fleece or by moving them undercover if they are in a pot.

Do make sure you choose a self-pollinating tree if you are planting only one, or grow two trees from the same pollination group.

What size pot do I need for dwarf fruit trees?

You will need a large pot of 60cm (24ins) diameter to give enough room for roots to grow and to stop the compost drying out too quickly.

How long before dwarf fruit trees produce fruit?

It takes two years from planting for dwarf fruit trees to produce a crop and between four and five years to start to reach their full yield.

Do dwarf fruit trees need full sun?

All fruit trees do better in sunshine and will produce fruit that ripens more easily. The exception is the Morello cherry, which can be grown in partial shade. Try to avoid frost-prone areas as that can affect the blossom, or cover trees with fleece if temperatures drop.

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