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Hanging basket plants – more info

This collection features plants that are perfect for planting in a hanging basket. Mix and match plug plants from this range to create a truly unique display. For scent, you can’t go wrong with a petunia from the ‘Frills & Spills™’ range and for delicate diffusion opt for a bacopa ‘Snowtopia’. Pick your plants, order quality peat-free compost, and choose the basket you want to get planting!

How many plants should you put in a hanging basket?

Pack your plants into the hanging basket tightly. This gives your display a thicker, bushier look and prevents any gaps forming as the display develops. Usually hanging basket displays are emptied at the end of the season and replanted with a winter display using hardy bedding like bellis and scented violas so they don’t mind being closer together. Ring the exterior of your basket with plants and place one or two in the centre.

Can I plant fruit in a hanging basket?

Fill a hanging basket with fruit plants for an elevated snack bowl! Strawberry plants make a great choice for a hanging basket and recent developments in breeding mean that there are ornamental plants with superb fruit quality on the market. A perfect example of a hanging basket strawberry is ‘Just Add Cream’.

Grow Blueberry BerryBux® in a basket for blueberries at head height! Just remember to fill your hanging basket with acidic ericaceous compost for the best fruit yields. Other fruits perfect for a basket include the dwarf Raspberry ‘Yummy’, Cranberry ‘Pilgrim’ and dwarf cherry tomatoes like ‘Tumbling Bella’ or the mixed colour cherry tomato 'Rainbow Drops Collection'.

How to prepare a hanging basket for planting

To make a smaller but round display, choose a BloomAround Hanging Basket. These baskets have special gates to fit plants on the underside of the basket to make a spherical display plus a water reservoir gives you grace between watering so you don’t get caught short in hot weather.

Top planting baskets need a lining to keep the compost in the right place. Moss linings are semi-permeable but plastic sheeting or a repurposed compost bag with a couple of holes do the trick too! If you live in a hot, dry area, adding a product like Vitax Stay Wet Plus to your compost mix not only reduces the risk of your basket drying out but also provides food.

Place trailing plants at the edges and clump forming types in the middle. Carefully fill your basket around the roots using the rest of your potting mix. Hang your basket in a sunny spot on a sturdy wall hook, and water well. You don’t want to lift the weight of wet compost so always water last.

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