Here’s everything you need to know about greenhouse growing, from the best place to position your greenhouse in the garden through to heating and ventilating your new grow space.

Looking for something smaller? Check out our range of mini greenhouses and cold frames - ideal for rental properties or courtyard gardens. And if you have plenty of space and like the idea of being more self-sufficient, adding a few grow tunnels is a great way to start.

A solid concrete base is the most practical foundation for any greenhouse, but there are several other options if this isn’t suitable for your purposes. Find out more here.

If you want to use your greenhouse through the winter, align the roof ridge from east to west for maximum light in the darkest months. Read the full article for more tips.

Greenhouses come in a wide range of shapes and various materials. This article helps you figure out which is most suitable for your purposes.

Here’s how to heat your greenhouse and protect tender plants from the worst of the winter weather. From quick fixes to permanent solutions, there’s an idea for every budget.

Greenhouses are ideal growing environments, provided temperature and humidity levels are carefully managed. Pick up top ventilation tips from expert garden blogger, Clive Harris.

Not sure if you really need a greenhouse? Here are eight compelling reasons that include saving money and improving your mental health. Read on for more...

Growing strong and healthy plants is easy if you have the right greenhouse accessories. See our top 10 suggestions to help you get the most from your grow space.

Whether you’re looking for a compact greenhouse, a lean-to structure or a more portable polytunnel, here are 10 of the most popular styles.

Find our full range of greenhouses and accessories here. Whether you have a tiny garden or a smallholding, we’ve got the greenhouse, mini-greenhouse or cold frame for your needs.

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