Top 10 Greenhouse Accessories

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Image: Garden Grow Traditional Greenhouse 6.2 X 4.3 X 6.6ft from Thompson & Morgan

Looking to get the most from your new or pre-existing greenhouse? Here we present ten of our most practical and popular greenhouse accessories – from useful tools to storage units, watering systems and more, you’ll find just what you need to plant, grow and care for your greenhouse flowers, plug plants and crops.

1. Tomato Growing Support

Tomato Growing Support

Cultivate tomatoes easily with this Tomato Growing Support
Image: Tomato Growing Support from Thompson & Morgan

The greenhouse is the perfect place to plant and grow your tomatoes, but if all that staking and side-shooting sees you reaching for supermarket fruit rather than the seed catalogue, we've got a novel solution for you. A Tomato Growing Support makes easy work of training them upwards - simply add one when you when you first plant your Tomatoes and the stems will happily grow through it.

Add a Tomato Auto-Waterer Collar at the same time to create a watering reservoir and you will save litres of lost irrigation water, saving you time, effort and money!

2. Solar shed lamp with remote control

Solar shed lamp with remote control

Keep the greenhouse sessions going past sundown with this solar lamp
Image: Branded Garden Products

Why stumble about in the dark when you can simply switch on your solar greenhouse lamp with your remote control? This solar lighting system harnesses the power of the sun during the day to provide you with light after dark.

The attractive light unit comes with a battery and solar panel plus fittings and full installation instructions Also included is a generous 3.5 metre cable to help you site the solar panel in just the right spot.

3. Automatic watering system

Garden Gear Automatic Watering System from Thompson & Morgan

Ensure plants stay hydrated when you take some much-needed time off
Image: Thompson & Morgan

If popping off for a weekend break or taking a holiday sees your greenhouse plants wilting and shriveling from thirst, this handy automatic watering system is an excellent low-cost solution that’ll give you peace of mind while you enjoy a well-earned break.

You get a programmable pump, 10m flexible tubing to arrange however you please, and 10 stainless steel spring pegs to ensure you get the water to where you need it with no chance of the supply tubes falling out of position. Add a bucket of water as a reservoir and four AA batteries and you’re good to go.

4. Greenhouse staging

greenhouse with plenty of shelving filled with plants & seedlings

Keep your greenhouse floor clutter free with robust shelving
Image: Matthew Ashmore/Shutterstock

Looking for something to take the keep your seed trays, pots, and gardening tools off the ground? A robust shelving unit is the perfect solution, allowing you to sow into pots, prick out and repot without having to kneel.

Staging is usually easy to construct or take apart to move, and is often modular, so you can start small and build up over time. It’s best to get staging that’s around a foot deep, and high enough to allow plants to grow on lower shelves.

5. Stainless steel gardeners tool set

Stainless steel gardeners' tool set (3Pc) from Thompson & Morgan

Make rust a thing of the past with stainless steel hand tools
Image: Thompson & Morgan

Fed up with hand tools which rust away the moment they get damp? Here’s the answer: a set of stainless steel hand tools with attractive Ash handles and leather thongs from which to hang them when not in use.

This excellent quality tool set features a fork and trowel plus a transplanting trowel with handy depth measurements to ensure you position your seedlings and plug plants at exactly the right depth every time.

6. Storage box with sit on cover

Storage Box with Sit-on Cover from Thompson & Morgan

This waterproof box doubles up as greenhouse storage and seating
Image: Thompson & Morgan

Looking for a storage solution for your greenhouse tools and equipment? Here’s a superb option to consider. Not only is this storage box completely waterproof, it’s also designed to double as a bench to sit on and enjoy a break after all your hard work in the garden or greenhouse.

Tools and equipment left lying around swiftly degrade, but with a massive 390 litre capacity, this box is plenty big enough to keep all your gardening things dry and safely put away. And don’t worry about keeping things secure; our storage box can be locked with a padlock.

7. Horticultural fleece

Frost Protection Fleece from Thompson & Morgan

Provide quick & easy frost protection for delicate plants with horticultural fleece
Image: Frost Protection Fleece from Thompson & Morgan

Horticultural fleece is a must for greenhouse owners. Not only does it save on heating costs, it protects your tender plants from the worst of the winter weather too, and can even be used to provide shade during the sunny summer months when too much UV light can burn delicate young leaves.

This fleece protects your greenhouse plants down to minus 2 – 3 C or, for even more frost protection, fold it in half for a blanket that safeguards your plantings right down to minus 5-6 C.

8. Slug control

Copper Slug Tape Thompson & Morgan

Keep slugs at bay with sticky-backed copper tape
Image: Copper Slug Tape from Thompson & Morgan

Had enough of pesky slugs feasting on your seedlings and plug plants? The slimy critters certainly make short work of salad leaves and other tasty greenery. Here’s a good solution which avoids the use of poisonous pellets which can be dangerous to domestic animals and wildlife – copper tape.

Simply peel off the backing layer and press the self-adhesive copper tape to the sides of your pots and patio containers to keep slugs at bay. They really hate the feel of the tiny electrical current which flows between the metal and their slimy bellies and will soon slither off in search of easier pickings..

9. Thermometer and clock

Garden Wall Clock from Thompson & Morgan

This essential bit of greenhouse kit has a built-in thermometer, hygrometer & weatherproof clock
Image: Garden Wall Clock from Thompson & Morgan

No greenhouse is complete without a thermometer, but this elegant three-in-one weather station also features a hygrometer and clock. Use the data this analogue system provides to regulate the temperature and humidity in your greenhouse to create the perfect growing environment for your plants.

And the best thing? Thanks to the clock, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the time so that, with luck, you’ll never miss an episode of The Archers again.

10. Wheelbarrow

Two Wheeled Wheelbarrow from Thompson & Morgan

This two-wheeled wheelbarrow spreads weight evenly and gives more maneuverability
Image: Thompson & Morgan

Are you sick of trying to balance a barrow load on a single front wheel only to have the thing topple to the side and shed its messy or precious cargo? Here’s your answer. The perfect accessory for the discerning greenhouse owner, this two-wheel barrow spreads the load across an axle to give you an excellent combination of balance and maneuverability.

And it’s sturdy too, featuring a powder coated steel frame and tough polypropylene tub – you’ll be able to move up to 120kg at a time and, with a 70l capacity, this barrow is big enough to tackle most jobs.

Buying a new greenhouse? Equip it from the wonderful range of greenhouse accessories available here at Thompson and Morgan – everything you need to get the most from your gardening. For more recommendations and advice, browse through our dedicated greenhouse hub page.


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