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top 10 greenhouse accessories

Top 10 Greenhouse Accessories

If you have just had a greenhouse installed you are now in the exciting position of being able to plan how you will make best use of this empty growing space. Likewise, you might already have a greenhouse and have grown flowers, fruit and vegetables successfully for many years but are now looking to re-arrange the interior to maximise its growing potential, or perhaps just looking to treat yourself to a new greenhouse gadget. We have some excellent greenhouse accessories and here are our top ten, to give you some ideas and inspiration to make the most of your greenhouse.

eden greenhouse waterbutt and stand

1. Eden Greenhouse Waterbutt and Stand

Having access to water is obviously crucial when growing plants in your greenhouse and if the tap is not near the greenhouse, it can mean a lot of heavy work to move water. Harvesting rainwater from the roof of the greenhouse and collecting it in a water butt is a great solution! The Eden Greenhouse Waterbutt and Stand is 100 litres in size and will collect rain that otherwise would have been wasted by falling onto the ground surrounding the greenhouse. The stand enables you to fill your watering can by using the tap at the base of the butt. A lid to prevent evaporation and a gutter connecting kit are included. If your house has a water meter, using a plastic water butt is also a great way of reducing the bill.

halls 3 tier seed tray

2. Halls 3 Tier Seed Tray

The Halls 3 Tier Seed Tray is a fantastic greenhouse space saver. If you use a standard bench of the same length to grow seeds in trays you will have room for 5 trays. However, using the Halls 3 Tier Seed Tray will triple the number of seed trays that can be used in the same amount of space. This can help you greatly increase the number of plants you grow from seed. It has an aluminum frame and includes 15 robust plastic seed trays. Length 1180mm x Width 400mm x Height 1120mm. Easy to install and use.

halls aluminium potting bench

3. Halls Aluminium Potting Bench

Adding a work surface area to your greenhouse is highly recommended. This means you have somewhere to re-pot plants, sow seeds in trays etc. The Halls Aluminium Potting Bench has an attractive but functional design. The high sides at the edges prevents compost from falling onto the floor, and can be used to collect compost by pushing a trowel up against them. There is a shelf underneath to store tools, pots etc. Very simple and easy to install.

Potting Bench dimensions; Length 595mm x Width 560mm x Height 1040mm.

halls aluminium greenhouse staging

4. Halls Aluminium 2 Tier Slatted Greenhouse Staging (4ft)

Greenhouse staging is ideal for the main growing space in your greenhouse. Halls Aluminium 2 Tier Slatted Greenhouse Staging is 4ft long and can be used as a standalone growing area or placed in a line. For example three of them down one, or both sides, of a 12ft long greenhouse, or against the length of a wall in a lean to greenhouse. Larger plants, such as tomatoes can be placed on the top, and will be very easy to access. Seed trays and plants in smaller pots can be placed underneath. The slatted surface allows water to drain from the pots and trays to prevent roots from becoming waterlogged. Available in green or silver to match the colour of your greenhouse. We also sell other types of greenhouse staging, so be sure to check out what is most suitable for your requirements.

maximum minimum thermometer

5. Maximum-Minimum Thermometer

A maximum-minimum thermometer is a very useful greenhouse gadget that enables gardeners to monitor what the temperature has been in their greenhouse, so they can react accordingly to ensure optimal growing conditions and in the colder months ensure plants are protected from frost. The stylish thermometer measures the highest and lowest temperature during a set period. A re-set button can be pressed to measure the temperature for the next period. This is much more effective than a standard thermometer that only shows the temperature at the time you are reading it. So for example using the Maximum-Minimum Thermometer you might discover that the temperature went down to -1c during the night, which you would not realise using a standard thermometer, unless you went down to the greenhouse in your dressing gown, in the middle of the night, to check. Brrr!

halls aluminium greenhouse shelving

6. Halls Aluminium Greenhouse Shelving (Pack of 2)

Greenhouse shelving that fits onto the interior frame of the greenhouse really is an excellent way of making the most of the space available. Halls Aluminium Greenhouse Shelving are ideal for potted plants such as strawberries and fuchsias. There are two in each pack, which combined will provide an extra 172cm x 15cm of space to keep plants.

Depth: 6ins (15cm), Width: 34ins (86cm), Thickness: 2ins (5cm)

greenhouse autovent

7. Greenhouse Autovent

Adding automation to your greenhouse is both fun and very useful. Automatic greenhouse window openers have become a popular way to keep greenhouses aerated without having to be there. This greenhouse autovent uses solar energy to open and close a greenhouse vent depending on the temperature. Even if you are away on holiday it means your greenhouse can have a vent opened when it is getting too hot, to allow some fresh air to circulate. It is made from galvanized steel and there is an adjustable temperature control of between 16¼° and 25¼°

halls irrigation unit

8. Halls Vanlet Automatic Irrigation Unit for Greenhouses

Another gadget to increase automation of your greenhouse, reducing the amount of work you have to do, is the Halls Vanlet Automatic Irrigation Unit. It is a great solution to keeping your greenhouse plants watered, whilst you are away for a few days. It is a gravity based irrigation unit. Water and fertiliser is added to the water tank and it then flows to the plants, such as tomatoes, via a series of pipes, y connectors and drip pins. It can be adjusted to water between 10 and 150 litres in a 24-hour period.

halls paraffin heater

9. Halls Senior Paraffin Greenhouse Heater

Paraffin heaters are a traditional, tried and tested method of heating greenhouses during the chilliest months of the year, to protect plants and seedlings from the cold. This heater is ideal for smaller greenhouses, measuring about 6ft in length. It is economical to use, with a 0.6kW output, 16 hour continuous burn and a 4.0L paraffin capacity. We also sell two other sizes. A smaller one for mini greenhouses, dwarf wall greenhouses and coldframes and a larger one for bigger greenhouses.

royalcraft bistro set

10. Royalcraft Padstow Folding Steel Bistro Set

Many gardeners buy their greenhouses with the sole intention of growing things in them, but find once it is installed it also makes a lovely place to relax. Greenhouses are warm and full of pleasant aromas, and make a perfect place to have a coffee when there is a heavy shower, or there is a cold breeze in the air. In larger greenhouses there is plenty of room for a bistro set. The Royalcraft Padstow Bistro Set is made from powder coated steel, which is rust proof, robust and lightweight. It includes a 60cm diameter table and two chairs, all of which can be folded when not in use.