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Here’s everything you need to grow shrubs. Even if you don’t have a huge space to fill, our top 10 shrubs for small gardens will help you find the best compact varieties. For year-round greenery in the garden, our tried and tested top 10 evergreen shrubs infographic is another great resource.

Look through our complete range of shrubs to find climbers, container shrubs and winter stars to bring your outdoor space to life. There’s a great choice of evergreen shrubs for all year round foliage, and if you want a showstopper, check out our hydrangeas.

Whether you’re looking for scent, colour or beauty there’s an evergreen shrub that’s perfect for your outdoor space. Here are our top 10 shrubs for lush, all-year-round interest.

Discover the best independent, shrub growing content from expert online growers. Hibiscus Pruning weigela tips and detailed growing advice will make you eager to try their tips.

If you’d like to raise your own shrubs from seed, see our sowing advice first. You’ll have to wait longer for a full size plant, but it's a fun, rewarding and cheap way to fill borders.

Follow these expert planting and aftercare tips to get your bare root shrubs and trees off to the best possible start in the garden.

For easy, all-year-round interest in small gardens we’ve compiled a list of the best compact shrubs. They may be small but they pack a mighty punch!

Take inspiration from these expert independent gardeners and find out how to plant and care for winter shrubs throughout the coldest and darkest months of the year.

See Michael Perry’s five favourite shrubs for adding structure to his planting schemes. Expect strong, heady scent and bright colours from this expert!

Looking for low-maintenance ways to brighten up your patio? These shrubs have been specially selected for their ability to look awesome in pots and containers.

Clay soil is wet in winter and dry in summer, but there are several hedge plants that cope well with extremes. Cherry laurel is a good choice, but read on for more ideas.

Common beech is one of the best hedging plants to grow on chalky soil, according to horticultural expert Annelise Brilli. Read her article for more suggestions and planting tips.

Find all of our best shrubs here. Anchor your borders with structure and colour or make a statement with an en-masse planting. Ideal for containers, beds, borders and trellis.

Browse our evergreen shrubs here. Choose from a wide range of foliage colours to fill your garden with structure and interest through the summer and winter months.

Find our huge range of award winning hydrangeas here, with classic lace and mop head blooms alongside giant paniculatas and more. Eye-catching shapes and colours!

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