Drought-proof plants

Preserving water is something we all need to think about, and choosing the right drought-tolerant plants is a good place to start. Like all new plants, they’ll need watering until they get established, but after that, they’re usually pretty robust.

Whether you’re struggling to choose the right hedge plants for dry, chalky soil, or you want to fill your beds and borders with low-maintenance colour that doesn’t require constant watering, we’ve got plenty of helpful suggestions.

Ready to start your wishlist? Browse our extensive range of drought-tolerant plants and plan your perfect drought-proof design.

Lavender is an excellent perennial for a sustainable and low-maintenance garden. Read on for drought-proof annuals, grasses, trees and ground cover plants.

Rather than replacing plants lost in a dry summer, Sue Sanderson redesigned her garden with drought-tolerant varieties like sempervivum. Read her article for top tips.

Once established, drought-tolerant plants like buddleja thrive in dry conditions. See our comprehensive lists of shrubs, flowers and grasses to plant in full sun or shade.

Want to know what to plant in a south-facing border? From sedum to sweet peas, here’s how to choose and care for plants that get unrelenting, all day sun.

Water butts help you to collect rain from the roof of your home, shed and garage, but there are lots of other ways to save water in the garden. Read our article for more helpful tips.

Dry shade is a tricky place to grow plants and flowers, but euphorbia is a good option. Carol Bartlett from The Sunday Gardener shares expert advice to bring tough areas to life.

Carol Bartlett from The Sunday Gardener says that dry borders don’t need to be dull. In fact, showstopping plants like agapanthus make her list of all-time favourites! Read on for more…

Horticultural expert Annelise Brilli says that chalky soils tend to be shallow, deficient in minerals and prone to summer drought. Here are her suggestions for a healthy hedge.

Find out how Geoff Stonebanks redesigned a corner of his award-winning Driftwood Garden to reduce the amount of time and water required to keep it looking great. Stunning pics!

Laurentia is one of summer’s best kept secrets. This Australian native produces thousands of fragrant blooms from June-October, and requires very little water to thrive. Read more.

Browse our collection of drought-tolerant plants, flowers, shrubs and grasses to help your garden thrive in the driest weather.

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